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Around MLS: Week 27

Best picture ever. EVER.
Best picture ever. EVER.

With the season quickly winding down, we find ourselves as the team on the outside looking in. While I personally do not doubt that FC Dallas is a better team than the Whitecaps, it is hard for me to make the argument that Dallas deserves to be in the playoffs.

With that bombshell revelation out of the way, it's time to look at where the rest of the league stands as far as results are concerned, and especially the narratives (drama) that are reaching their climax as the playoffs approach. The international break has it so that only 8 teams saw any real action, so there isn't much to cover.

This whole weekend has been woefully devoid of much club soccer news and drama, so I will attempt to stir up controversy by flat out inventing facts in the coming bits. A prize to the one that singles them out first!*

Seattle barely beat a decent Chivas side 2-1 this past weekend at the Clink. That Sounders are a team that has puzzled me this season, looking alternately brilliant and listless in stretches. Chivas is a bunch that Seattle should have comfortably handled in their own home, but the Goats gave the Sounders a run for their money for most of the match, defensively at least. Despite Dan Kennedy unfurling into a giant, two-story bipedal mech in the middle of the match, he was unable to keep Eddie Johnson from scoring a game winner in the dying seconds of regulation.

It really shouldn't take Seattle a last minute goal to defeat Chivas at home. Perhaps this is me being a bit harsh but I think that Seattle is, on paper at least, certainly capable of more, no matter how stout the Chivas defense is. I don't really have them getting to the MLS Cup final, though the playoffs are a different beast.

Portland's nightmare season continued, getting smacked around by lowly Colorado to the tune of 3-0. I'm not entirely sure about this Caleb Porter business, though it can't be worse than it currently is. Also of note is the feud that has formed between Fox Soccer pundit Eric Wynalda and Timbers owner Merrit Paulson on twitter. The two have resorted to name calling and silly insults publicly, and while some may find that it diminishes the sport, I say MLS needs all the press it can get.

If this means that the Portland Timbers invite a reality TV show crew and have a Kardashian girl become a sideline reporter so be it. At least the Wynalda-Paulson feud is drawing some attention away from the trainwreck that is occurring at Jeld-Wen field on a weekly basis.

The Crew and the Revs played the weekly "Awful Soccer Match". The Revs had two goals, which sounds pretty decent for the Revs until you realize that they had -20- shots that didn't account for goals. I tried watching it for 20 minutes and then decided I have too much life left to live to spend it on things like this. (Seriously, it was awful)

The USA looked listless in its match in the Caribbean and didn't trouble Jamaica much outside of Clint Dempsey's early goal. They're due to face the Reggae Boys this Tuesday in Columbus and they BETTER put up more of a fight than on Friday. I expect a 5-0 thrashing with a goal from Tim Howard to boot, nothing else will do.

So what are we thinking about tomorrow's critical match in Ohio? Thoughts on the EPL returning? Any MLS teams that you think are runaway favorites for the MLS Cup?

*Prize: A hearty internet high-five.