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Around MLS: Week 22

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<em>This is what all FC Dallas fans wish they could do to Montero every now and then.</em> Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE
This is what all FC Dallas fans wish they could do to Montero every now and then. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE

Now that I've given up on FC Dallas' playoff hopes (It's okay friends, let go)....


Let us focus a bit more on the things that matter, such as around the league play and who is currently the best.
A while ago it looked like San Jose was king of the hill, but in this lovely, parity-heavy league of ours there are so many ups and downs it's hard to keep track.

Here is a summary of the season so far:

  1. The LA Galaxy are the greatest MLS team ever assembled!
  2. Sporting Kansas City will never lose an MLS game ever because they're SOOOO fast and fit!
  3. Real Salt Lake is clearly the best team out there, very disciplined and hard working.
  4. Nevermind San Jose is the best team out there because they beat RSL all the time.
  5. Wtf is New York doing on this list? Aren't the supposed to suck? Well, they don't suck. They're the BEST!
  6. I'm confused! Is RSL or San Jose the best?
  7. It doesn't matter because LA is winning again and now they will never lose again!
  8. What?!? Seattle stopped being terrible and started winning again? They thrashed the Galaxy? THEY'RE THE BEST!!

And that's where we are now, at least according to a quick poll of popular blogs, web articles, and my own opinion.

The debate gets more muddled especially after Colorado FINALLY won a match, and against Real Salt Lake no less. It's just our kinda luck that Colorado scrapes by with a confidence building win right before we're supposed to play them. While no one really believes that the Rapids are within even ten miles of RSL in terms of skill, it goes to show that a determined team can gut out a 1-0 win if they're disciplined and make few mistakes, something FC Dallas has been less than stellar at this season.

Toronto continued its bizarre CCL run of form by thrashing CD Aguila 5-1 and then promptly dropping an unimpressive 2-1 result to inconsistent Chicago. I can't fathom what it is that comes over Toronto's players during CCL matches. Their team spirit is visibly higher and their organization in the midfield much sharper, with the whole team moving as one. I guess you could say they rise to the competition, but if that's the case why are they so awful at the competition that technically is more pressing on a day to day basis?

As most of us soccer fans are now aware, rookie Kirk Urso of the Columbus Crew passed away at age 22. Much like Bobby this came out of nowere and shocked everyone. The kid had a bright future and was performing well up until his injury, particularly as a set piece specialist. We will now never know what he may have achieved. RIP Urso.

Let's not end this summary on such a dark note. Instead of discussing sad deaths, we can mull over LA complete spanking at the hands of the Seattle Sounders in a sordid 4-0 affair that has everyone looking at the Sounders in a more serious light. I'm still not completely sold on them but you won't hear me argue against them being one of the top three in the league.

Of course David Beckham complained about the officiating! It wouldn't be an LA Galaxy match with Becks moaning about the quality of our referees, but in this case it looks like he has a point. As a matter of fact, as much as I am loathe to admit it, he usually has a point vis a vis our referees.

How ABOUT that match yesterday??! #USWNT! While no shortage of criticism is being aimed at the shaky "delay of game" call on the Canadian GK that resulted in a FK that resulted in a penalty, none of that matters today! Today our women are going to be facing their foes from last year, Japan, in a final whose set up you couldn't write up any better. Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach.... those are SOME players eh? Take that Canada! Your olympic hockey victories can't hurt us anymore...

Thoughts? Concerns? Would you like to add some exclamation marks at the end of the acronym USWNT like I do?