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What's on my mind - August 31 Edition

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Ah another edition of what's on my mind....lots and lots we could talk about around the soccer world but here's the top three things kicking around in my head right now.

Dempsey to Tottenham

Texan Clint Dempsey is headed to Tottenham on a 3-year deal for around 6m pounds. He wanted to go to Liverpool, but they wouldn't offer up the money

As a Fulham fan(one of the few who wanted Dempsey to go), I'm happy that FFC was able to get a decent, if still small, fee for the player and I think Dempsey has gone to a perfect club. At Spurs, he has some stuff competition for playing time, but it's a club that will have a ton of games to play between Carling Cup, FA Cup, Europa League and Premier League. There will be no problem for minutes to go around.

A good club that tends to do things the right way rather than Liverpool who seem to make one mistake after the next. I said it on Twitter and I'll say it here: Daniel Levy is the Jon Daniels of the Premier League.

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The Future of Zach Loyd

In watching Zach Loyd today, I was just hugely impressed by his first touch and vision on the pitch. It got me to thinking, is right back really the long-term spot for Loyd? I would imagine he signs a new contract here soon and is quickly becoming one of the faces of the franchise.

With outside backs like Carlos Rodriguez, London Woodberry and even Boyd Okwuono in the waiting, would it behoove FCD to begin to groom Loyd for a defensive midfield position? I would just really love to see what Loyd has to offer at the position as he is one of the fittest players on the team, can cover a ton of ground, has good vision and can certainly tackle the ball. Just thinking out loud....

Warshaw's Situation Highlights League Deficiencies

Bobby Warshaw was really good in practice today in the 5v5 games. His team won almost all their games and he was flying around the pitch like a madman trying to impress the coach. Bobby was making some huge steps forward early in the season and was the first option behind Daniel Hernandez, starting two games in a row before breaking his foot at the end of a reserve game in Kansas City.

It was really just an awful injury for a player that looked to be set to compete for a starting spot, but Warshaw has obviously recovered and is very hungry for playing time. The problem is, this is what Schellas said when I asked him today about Bobby and how crucial the upcoming friendly/reserve games are for him:

Those are the environments that we need to see him in. These are nice little competitive games but we’re looking at 35 yards by 30. Not a lot of space to get exploited in or space to go at someone so the game is the best teacher and the game is also the best place to look at the player.

The problem is, Bobby has been in practice for well over a month now, almost six weeks. You can completely understand wanting to see a player in a game before putting him out in an MLS environment, but Warshaw has literally not had one game he can play to impress the coach as Dallas hasn't played an official MLS Reserve game since June 16! Having not scheduled any other friendlies, there hasn't been a single game to get his match fitness back.

That is a huge deficiency in the MLS system and something that needs to be fixed. Not one un-official or reserve game in nearly three months? It's a problem for both coaches and players.