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FCD vs LA Galaxy Post-Match Thoughts

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The playoff hopes of FC Dallas took a big hit last night losing 2-0 to Los Angeles at the Home Depot thoughts on the match...

A Result that stings For me, this is a result that stings because of previous results earlier in the season. Did FCD play bad? Not really, Los Angeles is a very good team and the ball had to bounce the way of Dallas last night for them to win. They created a couple chances but didn't really do enough to test Josh Saunders and LA. If this is a one-off game, you're probably not too worried about it, but games like this are where the hole you've dug for yourself earlier in the year really becomes apparent. That being said...

Red Card That's a red card to Dunivant. I'm not saying this from a Dallas perspective, it's coming from a rules perspective, as Schellas said after the game. There was not a defender within 5 yards of Castillo when he was taken down by Dunivant and the rules say it's a red card, period. The game could have drastically changed if the rules were correctly applied there.

Castillo Injury Hurt The injury to Castillo really hurt FCD as he was probably their most dangerous offensive threat. The Galaxy were doing their typical fantastic job bottling up Shea and Ferreira, but that meant leaving space for Castillo and he was exploiting it. The second half of the injury that hurt FCD was bringing in Perez to play almost an hour when Schellas said after the game that he was probably good for 25-30 minutes. Just a very, very unfortunate thing to have happen.

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Playing Los Angeles They may be fourth in the Western Conference right now, but man they're firing on all cylinders. They just look so good and have a veteran team that knows when they need to put their foot on the gas. Boy am I looking forward to watching them go up against RSL/Seattle/San Jose in the playoffs....speaking of...

Next Couple Games Vancouver's next opponent will be Los Angeles at The HDC before coming to Frisco after that. Dallas is going to have a very tough home game against Seattle who just put six past Chivas USA, but things are not lost just yet. If Dallas can win and Vancouver loses next week, that game against the Whitecaps becomes giving up yet.

Scattershooting Six red cards on Dallas this year and that one goes unpunished, man....Uncharacteristic mistake from Hedges...Make one mistake vs LA and you get punished, every time....way too many free kicks conceded by Dallas in dangerous areas...LA has given a master class two games in a row on how to stop Ferreira....great to see Blas back out there....Next two at home, not over until we see what happens in those game, but man the difference between 2 points behind 2 teams and 8/5 points behind. Tough.

FC Dallas Head Coach Schellas Hyndman
On the mistake that led to the first goal:
“Sometimes you see that at all levels. You saw it today; you saw it in the Liverpool game. You just make a bad mistake and they capitalize on it. I was glad to see the guys continue to fight.”
On Jose Villarreal coming in and changing the game:
“He’s very active, and he’s got a desire to get forward. They’ve got him playing a little bit more simply, and he brought a lot of energy. At that point in time we’re trying to get a goal, so that makes it easier for players like him.”
On Castillo’s injury impacting the match:
“Well of course we had to make a change, it forced us to bring Blas (Perez) on, we weren’t sure, we thought Blas could maybe give us a good 30 minutes but he had to come on earlier. If you remember earlier in the game, Castillo was causing LA quite a bit of problems because of his speed and explosion. Our game plan was to stress the defense and have good flank play, and I think when he got hurt we lost that good flank play.”
On the Galaxy applying pressure:
“Well they cut down the passing lanes, so they kept on forcing us to go out, and when we did go out they got good numbers around the ball. LA does a really good job recovering, and we know that when they get a lead they’re really hard to break out.”
On falling back in the playoff hunt:
“It was a pretty heads’ down locker room, it’s not like the first time we’ve lost but the heads are down because we got three very good results and we had planned for a fourth good result. We know we’re running out of games.”

FC Dallas Midfielder Brek Shea
On what FC Dallas did well:
“In the second half we had more possession, I think that in the first half they were really dominating us but I think what we did was we learned what they were doing and adjusted to that.”
On the difference between the two halves:
“I think in the second half we had just as many chances as they did, we just didn’t capitalize on them and the one where David (Ferreira) got through. We had a couple chances we could have scored, but just we didn’t. And then (on) their second goal we were kind of pushing and they just got a goal.”
On their recent form and the playoff push:
“We’re just looking at it one game at a time, trying to get as many points as we can in each game. Obviously tonight doesn’t help us, but if we can get points then we have a better chance of getting into the playoffs but I don’t want to sit here and say ‘this is what we have to do to get into the playoffs,’ that’s not really anything, we just need to play and take it one day at a time.”

FC Dallas Midfielder Andrew Jacobson
On their recent form and how the loss affects that:
“I think we’re still in great form, it’s definitely a hiccup and a lost opportunity to get closer in the playoffs and catch some people, but it’s definitely not over. I thought we gave ourselves a good chance, we were in the game and made unfortunate mistakes. That’s part of the game, it just didn’t bounce our way today.”
On what they struggled with:
“Yeah I think we could have been a little more clinical in certain parts of the field, but I think overall we did well. They’re a fantastic team, very organized, great at home. They know exactly what they’re doing. I thought we gave them as few opportunities as possible but we had a couple of chances with thee or four guys running at three or four of them and sometimes they go in and sometimes they don’t.”
On the second half and their game plan:
“The game opened up a little bit, definitely opened up, I thought, which is a good thing for us, gives space to some of our talented players. I think if we could do it all again I don’t know how much we’d change it, we’d like to just get a couple goals and today we weren’t able to.”
On bouncing back and moving forward:
“We have to win next weekend at home. We got a big home game and we’re gonna be looking for nothing but three points, for sure. We have to just keep playing our game, we can’t go in pretending we’re something we’re not, and with the players we have, we have to play attacking soccer and we’re going to have to do that next weekend, for sure, looking for three points.”

LA Galaxy Head Coach Bruce Arena
Overall thoughts on the game:
“It was a good game. A good game, against a good team, and a big game, so we’re moving in the right direction, we just got to keep moving forward.”
On the teams’ defensive effort:
“I think it was real good, and, you know, a few miscues during the game but I thought Josh Saunders had an outstanding game. I think the partnership with AJ [DeLaGarza] and Omar [Gonzalez] continues to grow. I thought [Todd] Dunivant and [Sean] Franklin had real good games. A real solid effort, you know, this was a real good team we beat today. They were certainly ready to play, they pushed us hard. These are the kind of games we have to be able to win, you know, capitalize on a mistake, get a goal and do your defending. And we did that tonight, so that’s a great three points for our group.”
On the play of Jose Villarreal:
“I thought Jose was outstanding. A really alert play to help set up the first goal and really just a solid 30 minutes. He did quite well.”
On the play of Sean Franklin:
“It was good. Defensively he was very good. I thought second half, getting forward, times, his passing, he matched up against good players all day in either [Fabian] Castillo, or [Brek] Shea or Jackson, and did a solid job. I think he’s real good on both sides of the ball.”
On the play of David Beckham:
“David was a little sick. There’s a virus going around that he caught and for David to hang in there was outstanding. Showed great leadership on his part, he was not feeling well today.”

LA Galaxy midfielder David Beckham
On the importance of the victory:
“Obviously it was an important win just because they were in good form and they were coming up close. We knew that they were playing well and we needed to be on form. It wasn’t the prettiest of games that we’ve played, but I think three points was a big one today.”
On getting a win out of a close game:
“The important part was that we [battled for a result] because there’s many times this season that it hasn’t happened. It was an important one today to do that, like I said it was a big one.”
On his individual performance:
“After an hour of sleep, throwing up all night it’s never easy, but two of the kids are the same so I just got through it. I think at the end of the day I played almost 80 minutes and I didn’t feel great, but the important part was the three points.”

LA Galaxy forward Jose Villarreal
On the play that led to the first goal and his assist:
“The defender was caught asleep and I managed to pressure him pretty hard. It bounced off my foot and I took a touch right around the keeper. I saw Juninho [with a] open shot and I just passed it to him.”
On getting past the keeper:
“Obviously the nerves kick in, but you’ve got to be able to stay focused and finish the play.”
On the key to being an effective substitute:
“There’s no secret, just working hard every day in practice and when Bruce gives me a chance to play just do my thing and try to help out as much as possible.”
On getting more comfortable with each appearance:
“My teammates are always in back of me, supporting me and giving me advice. That just makes me a lot more comfortable when I step on the pitch and be able to do what I do best and help out the team.”
On whether he is starting to feel like he belongs:
“I always felt like I belonged here. I grew up here and I always came to watch the games here when I was small. So now that I have the chance to play here I’m happy. I think I belong here.”

LA Galaxy Defender Todd Dunivant
On the overall team’s performance:
“It was tight. I didn’t know it was going to come down to a mistake. It was a hot day, difficult conditions for us coming back, you know, three days later after a Champions League game, but we stayed in it mentally and that was the difference. Jose [Villarreal] made a huge play, caught them sleeping a little bit and we punished them. That was the biggest play of the game. He’s crafty. You know, he’s a gamer and he’s a young kid that doesn’t know any better and that’s great because he’s confident, and he’s playing well, and he’s dangerous and he’s holding the ball off, he’s not just doing the obvious things like scoring goals, he’s doing the little things and that’s huge for us.”
On his goal:
“I saw a good opportunity to get forward and Mike Stephens put a good ball in and they kind of looked away and let me through and it was just me and the keeper, so I was fortunate enough to put it in and took a little pressure off of us and kind of seal up the game.”
On the Western Conference race:
“Yeah, real good tune-up, I mean, a lot of these games are conference games and team’s we’re trying to catch. Still have [Real] Salt Lake again, and Seattle [Sounders FC] again, so these are good games for us. Tonight was a huge statement, to kind of, not necessarily put Dallas out of it but at least give a little distance for us. They’ve been playing so well and climbing up the table and if they won tonight it was a two point lead for us. Obviously, it was a big game and we wanted to come out strong.”
On aiming for the Supporters’ Shield:
“That’s not necessarily on our minds. I mean, we’d love to, and you’d love to win out, but that’s not necessarily realistic and that’s not necessarily the right mentality. For us, it’s just about climbing the table and we wanted to get in the playoffs and we wanted to get to forth, and obviously you just want to just keep playing and that’s our goal. We’re not looking at trying to win the [Supporters’] Shield at this point. That’s not on our radar, if that happens, that would be great but that’s not something we’re talking about day to day.”

LA Galaxy Defender Omar Gonzalez
On the performance of the defense:
“I thought that we all did well. They got a couple chances here and there, but it was nothing we couldn’t handle. We gave them a little bit of time in the beginning part of the second half, but we got it under control and then just moved on from there. I thought we played a pretty solid match.”
On what the defense did well against the Dallas attack:
“When they did have the ball and when they were trying to run behind us we just dropped and got to the space before them. And then when they moved the ball backwards we took that space up. I thought our whole team did a good job in putting pressure on them and we all just felt good tonight.”
On getting the shutout:
“Shutouts are what we defenders play for and we just want to keep on getting shutouts and it makes it easier for us to win the games, all we’ve got to do is score one goal, two goals and then we walk away with the win.”
On his personal performance:
“I find myself getting better each game and more confident. Just got to keep on moving forward, take the mistakes that I make, look them over after the game and move on from there and try not to make the same mistake twice.”