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What's on my mind? August 25 Edition

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A little late this week, my apologies.

1. Big Game in Portlandia

FC Dallas has two games this weekend. The tilt at Home Depot Center tomorrow night against Los Angeles and then living vicariously through the Portland Timbers as they host Vancouver. As we previously talked about, tonight is the swing game for the Whitecaps.

If Vancouver wins tonight, they're 8 points ahead of Dallas after using their game in hand, but with games at Los Angeles and Dallas next for the Whitecaps, a bad result tonight could snowball into a long winless run that would potentially see Dallas pass them in the September 15 matchup between the two squads.

Tonight is big, big, big for the Whitecaps.

2. Tomorrow's Forward Situation

Blas Perez is listed as probable in the Friday MLS injury update. He's traveled to LA and will likely play some part in the match, but does he start? After 11 weeks out, there's no way that Perez is 90 minutes fit, but could it be Sealy or Jackson up top for an hour and Blas for the last 30? Or vice-versa?

I just feel like you start Blas if he's available, but Schellas said on Wednesday that the best choice they made was not rushing Raton back so we'll see.

3. Watching Party

Tomorrow night, FC Dallas will be hosting their monthly watching part at the Londoner in Addison. With the game kicking off at 6PM, this is one you can make and not have to worry about getting home late.

If there's one watching party you make, why not make it this one? The Londoner is a fantastic place to watch a game and with the magnitude of this one, it's probably going to be one that you want to watch with your fanbase.