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What's on my mind? August 17 edition

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A few things kicking around in my head this weekend with another pivotal game coming up tomorrow and the EPL season starting.

On the Clint Dempsey Situation The news coming out of Craven Cottage today is that Dempsey has been fined for "refusing to play" tomorrow in their EPL season opener against Norwich. Dempsey tweeted earlier today that there's two sides to the story and the truth will come out.

Whatever the actual situation is, it's a shame to see Dempsey's fantastic run for Fulham come to an end like this and I think both sides will really regret how this situation has been handled. This is the all-time Premier League leading scorer for Fulham and while no player is bigger than the club, you hate to see things come to an end this way. Dempsey will probably get his wish and go to Liverpool on a cheap price right before the deadline, or he could pull a Luka Modric 2011 and be kept at his club. It's just silly it has to end this way.

On Tomorrow's match After looking at things closer, this is the toughest match Dallas will play the rest of the year. It's the last match FCD will play without a full week's rest as well which is obviously good going forward, but after such a brutal game on Wednesday it's going to make things very very tough on Saturday against an RSL side that Hyndman is 0-5-0 against on the road in the regular season.

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Who Starts at Forward? It's going to be very interesting to see if Schellas Hyndman resists the temptation of starting Brek Shea or Fabian Castillo at forward tomorrow. With Scott Sealy not in Salt Lake and Blas Perez still out, it's either Ruben Luna or Jon Top up front unless Schellas decides to stick Shea or Castillo up there.

I personally think it would be a huge mistake as Ferreira just works so much better with Shea and Castillo on the wings rather than with one of them up top and the offense seems to clearly flow much, much better despite whether Luna plays well at target forward or not.