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FCD vs Vancouver Post-Game Thoughts

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FINALLY have the time to sit down and re-hash this game, so here goes...

The Gameplan I think last night you saw what the gameplan is for road games when things don't go horribly wrong somewhere along the way. This game followed the exact script that the Portland away game was following. FCD found a goal early in the second half in both games, but this time they didn't get a red card. The Timbers draw would've followed this same script had Loyd not picked up the red card. Frustrating to look back at all the dropped points, but encouraging to look forward at what can be through the rest of 2012 and into 2013.

Ferreira What else can you say about the guy that hasn't already been said? In nine games back he has a goal, five assists and completely turned around the FC Dallas season. Is it all down to him? Not quite, but he gets the best out of Castillo, no easy feat, and it just seems like everyone else picks up their game because they don't want to let down Torito. I'm still just floored at how he was able to hold off Andy O'Brien on the second goal...he's back, there's no other way to put it.

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Shutout Don't lose sight of the shutout that FC Dallas pitched last night. Vancouver was short-handed, but they had lost just one home game this season so to shut them out is really very impressive. The effort was so good that they were frustrated into committing foul after foul and really losing their heads towards the end. Also, full credit to Dallas who were not baited into picking up any silly cards.

The Wildcard It's something that I think most have known for a while, but Castillo is the wild card to this thing. He's in the middle of the best stretch of his FC Dallas career. Three of his six career goals have come in the last month and he's really playing with a ton of confidence and not turning the ball over in bad areas right now(!). It just feels like there's a purpose to his dribbles and crosses now rather than simply hitting and hoping like in the past. Has the light turned on? I'm not sure, but get your popcorn ready because there's clearly more to come from him on a nightly basis right now.

Homegrowns Schellas noted to me on the phone today that Wednesday's game was the first time three homegrowns have played in a game for Dallas. This is very significant. Luna was pretty poor last night after a great game on Saturday while Top came on and obviously scored the game winner. Leyva was fairly inconsequential, but it was still nice to see him out there.

You kind of saw every facet of what young players go through last night. Sometimes they're great one game and poor the next, sometimes they come up and score a composed goal that has you dreaming of bigger things and sometimes they're just another body out there. Which one(s) will take the next step?

It's on We will take a closer look at the playoff "race" tomorrow morning at 9AM, but the quotes from players after the game make it sound like they're up for the fight...and it's an uphill battle.


It was huge. Like I said we’re two points closer to the Galaxy and we’ve got them next weekend so we know there’s not many games left and we’ve got to get as many points as possible. We’re going to have the same game plan going into Salt Lake. A tie isn’t good enough anymore so we know we’ve got to go there get a win.


It’s very important, I think we’re getting a little bit of our swag that we felt like we had going into the season. I thought that everyone stepped up, played well and played with confidence. It’s two wins in a row for us and I think everyone feels good going forward.

Scattershooting Cant figure out what in the world was up with the rough play from Vancouver. As Schellas said, they're much better than that...Is this thing coming together at just the right time?...If Dallas makes the playoffs, David Ferreira is your 2012 MLS MVP...8 points.