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FC Dallas Keeps Hope Alive, Tops Whitecaps 2-0

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VANCOUVER, CANADA - AUGUST 15:   Fabian Castillo #7 of FC Dallas reacts to his goal against the Vancouver Whitecaps FC during their MLS game  August 15, 2012 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)
VANCOUVER, CANADA - AUGUST 15: Fabian Castillo #7 of FC Dallas reacts to his goal against the Vancouver Whitecaps FC during their MLS game August 15, 2012 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)
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A lot more tomorrow.

8 points behind three playoffs teams...8 games to play.


Thoughts on the match:

It was a physical game. Anytime you come here, there’s a fantastic crowd – you guys do it right. The Whitecaps battled. We played a bit desperate trying to get points. Both of us were missing players, but I thought our guys came out and performed.

I was surprised how well we were able to keep the ball in the first half. We kept the ball moving, but the Whitecaps almost got the goal off the post. In the second half we had a couple of breakouts and I think we frustrated Vancouver. We’re anxious to go to Salt Lake with three points.

On the amount of fouls:

There were too many cards and way too many fouls. I coached college soccer for 32 years; anything over 20 fouls is ridiculous. Today we had 17 while Vancouver had 24 and probably a lot of fouls that were not called. It turned out to be a more physical game than it should’ve been.

On Ferreira’s play:

What you saw of David is probably 80-85% of his natural ability. I think you remember when he got taken down here. 15 months later and after three surgeries, he has been able to get on the field. He plays with a lot of heart and determination and it’s everything you want from a player and today he was a difference maker. The team plays better with him and we’ve improved since he’s been on the field. He’s not a player I worry about. He’s not a player that the game’s too big for him. He’s one of the best players I’ve been around.


On getting his first MLS goal:

It feels very good. First of all I want to thank David for giving me that assist right there. Any other player I think would've taken that chance and shot it, but he gave me that opportunity to score and it just felt great today to get that goal right there to make sure that we won the game.

On the importance of having Ferreira back to health:

We've lost only one game since he's been back and I think he's a big part of the reason why we're winning these games. But I think also a reason is our team never gives up. We work really hard and it shows tonight that we never gave up and were always there.

On missing some key players to international duty:

We were missing three important players, Brek with the national team in Mexico and de Guzman with Canada, and Rodriguez with Panama. I think us younger guys were given the opportunity to step up and we did well with our opportunities. I think [us younger guys] just have to keep working hard and pushing for more minutes.

Thoughts on Whitecaps FC:
That was a very, very tough team. They're a very physical team and those guys they're very organized. They were very good offensively too. They were missing a lot of players too, but I think tonight we were the better team and thank God we were able to get that win tonight.


Thoughts on the match:

It was a good performance; they're a very good team. They move the ball well. I thought we defended well and pressured well at times. We had a good game plan going in and our circulation was really good with the ball. Castillo was very dangerous; I think he was the difference maker. Once he started beating guys it allowed everyone else to open up.

On Dallas’ game plan going in:

Keeping good shape defensively. We know they have a lot of good movement as a team. Don't follow guys around but punish them for mistakes and I thought we did a good job of that.

On getting their second road win of the season:

It's very important. I think we're getting a little bit of our swag that we thought we had going into the season. I thought everyone stepped up. Everyone played well and played with confidence. That's two wins in a row for us and everyone feels really good going forward.

On posting a shutout:

It was a complete collective effort, it wasn't one guy making a difference. Everyone defended well. Everyone got behind the ball. Everyone went forward on the attack. That's what a team does and I think we really showed it tonight.

On Ferreira being back to full health and getting two assists:

Obviously it's very important. I think you can see it just kind of clicks when he's in there. Everyone understands their role and what they’re supposed to do. It gives a sense of confidence when eleven guys go out onto the pitch and know exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, especially against a tough team like Vancouver.

Thoughts on Whitecaps play:

I have to give it to them they move the ball well, they're very organized. They're a fantastic team, but we came in here and I thought we definitely deserved to win. We got two very important road games coming up and it gives us a lot of confidence.


Game plan going in:

Our game plan going in was that there's not many games left so we knew that we had to get three points, ties aren't good enough anymore. We came in here wanting to bring the game to them and to possess the ball and set the tempo early and I thought we did a good job of that. Everyone from the forwards to the backline did a really good job tonight.

On missing some key players due to international duty:

That it's just a testament to the guys that got to come out to step up and show that they've been waiting all year to get their opportunity. They definitely stepped up tonight, especially Top coming out and getting that second go ahead goal. That's just a testament to the hard work he puts in at the practice facility every day.

On the importance of a road win this late in the season:

It was huge. We know there's not many games left and we know we need to get as many points as possible, so we'll have the same plan going into Salt Lake. Ties just aren't good enough anymore so we need to go there and get a win.

Thoughts on Whitecaps FC:

They came out with a lot of energy. We knew they'd come out and press us high. They were missing some key players tonight too. They had some good opportunities but couldn't convert but that's just the name of the game. I thought we did a good job of keeping them from getting too many good looks tonight.


Thoughts on the match:

It was a disappointing night – a frustrating game for us. Thankfully, we haven’t had many of these games here at BC Place. It’s not something we’re going to dwell upon. There are some things we can work on and improve upon. It was just one of those games that never really got going. It was stop-start all the time and there was never really much rhythm to it. We weren’t able to get the ball moving like we would’ve liked.

We could’ve done a better job tonight, more like we’re used to, but tonight wasn’t good enough and we’re disappointed about that. The good thing for us is that a couple of days from now, we have a huge game against Seattle, so we have a chance to rebound really quickly and we have to learn from a few things we didn’t get right tonight and move forward. Overall, we’ve been doing a lot of things well in here so we’re not going to get too down on ourselves tonight.

I don’t think anybody today could say they had a good game. I think the guys coming back in tonight did fine - a little bit rusty. It was one of those nights where everybody would say they could do better and rebound. Every defeat is a chance to learn and improve, so we shouldn’t get too distraught and disappointed. You learn from it and get better.”

On the amount of fouls:

We don’t generally have too many fouls in the game and today was stop and start for both teams. The referee chose to call more than others do and fair enough, but that meant the game didn’t get enough energy and flow and resulted in a pretty poor game to watch.


Thoughts on the match:

I don’t think there was much in it, to be honest. Two teams didn’t really look like scoring that much. I thought we were maybe a bit better offensively than they were. Once they got that goal they had us on the break and that was the frustrating part because we were trying to press and they caught us on the break and managed to get another goal.

On the lack of tempo in the match:

It’s the most frustrating game I think I’ve ever played. I found it really hard tonight. The frustration does get to you, but you have to get on with it, we have to try better. We can’t take anything away from them, they won the game, but I think we can do a lot better.

On the changes to the team’s starting lineup:

The guys come in, and they’ve not played in a while, it’s never easy. But they did a good job, they worked hard, they’re good players. I still think we did enough out there to win the football match. Maybe we were a wee bit tired after the weekend’s exploits, I don’t know. Sometimes in football, you come up short, but the good thing is that we’re two or three days away from when we can make it right again.


Thoughts on the match:

It was real tough. To be honest though, I still thought we came out in the second half pretty well. I thought the guys did good, and then giving up that goal seemed to open us up a little bit, and then the second one put us in a big hole.

On the first goal coming off a long throw:

It’s unfortunate. He cut back on it, it was kind of a weird one, then it got caught up in his feet, and Martin was right there. I came out big and I thought he had no chance there was an angle but he did well to get his foot around it and it just hit the post and went it. But it’s definitely a goal that’s preventable. Being one of the guys that organizes the defense and tries to figure that out, I’ll put my hand up and go back and look at it to see if there was more I could have done.

On the loss at home:

We’re all gutted because we understand how important our fans are. I think this is the second loss we’ve had all year here. That’s one of those performances we’re going to like to forget real quickly and fortunately we have a big derby on Saturday.