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FC Dallas 3 Colorado Rapids 2 Post-game Thoughts

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FRISCO TX - AUGUST 21:  Goalkeeper Kevin Hartman #1 of FC Dallas at Pizza Hut Park on August 21 2010 in Frisco Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
FRISCO TX - AUGUST 21: Goalkeeper Kevin Hartman #1 of FC Dallas at Pizza Hut Park on August 21 2010 in Frisco Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Soccer is a funny game. It seems like the majority of games that Dallas has played well they've lost while two of their games where they've haven't played their best they won...oh well, three points for Dallas that keeps their season alive as they head on the road. My thoughts:

Colombians Do these guys stick it to Pareja or what? Fabian Castillo with two goals and two assists against the Rapids this year while Ferreira and Benitez(!) score the others. Fantastic performance from all three and it just shows when your offense is cooking it can cover up a lot of problems....

Not a great performance I've been very complementary of some performances this season where FCD lost so I think it's only fair to say that I didn't think Dallas played a very good, or maybe the appropriate word is very smart game tonight. The goals were fantastic, no doubt, but they should've been down 2 or 3 goals before it ever got to that point.

And the second half, my goodness you're up a man and things fall apart?! Dallas looked like they were scared of an inevitable equalizer and simply invited Colorado to attack them rather than finding that fourth goal or at least simply possessing the ball on the team with ten men rather than letting them come at you. Very frustrating.

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Coming of age? Tonight could have potentially been the last start of Ruben Luna's Dallas career. As Drew said, this was put up or shut up tonight for Ruben and I think he delivered big time. He didn't have a bunch of touches on the ball, but he gave the Colorado defenders trouble all night. He drew three fouls, two of them bringing yellow cards on Larentowicz and Moor while frustrating their defenders. I just think tonight was the first time we saw Ruben Luna play like a man. He took his fouls, didn't let them push him off his game, and got better as the game went on. Loved the performance.

Hartman's Heroics Inspire Rally | That's a Wrap | Opta Chalkboard

Tough road ahead FC Dallas sits seven points behind LA for the last playoff spot, and perhaps just as importantly tied with a Chivas USA team with five(!) games in hand. The good news is that there's plenty of games coming up to bridge the gap, but it's a tough road. At Vancouver on Wednesday, at RSL on Saturday and then a hopefully-important showdown with LA two weeks from now. This thing is on life support, but it ain't over yet.

Scattershooting Jair, take a bow son....Liked the game from Brek tonight, quiet but he stayed on the left side and didn't drift around. He wasn't really needed tonight and didn't try to do too much...hearing some scuttlebutt that another forward could be coming in here soon pending paperwork(can't say anymore)...I like the quick turnaround, I think this team is playing good soccer right now, three road games to prove yourself, get it done.