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FC Dallas Snaps Winless Streak, Downs Rapids 2-1

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For the first time in 92 days, FC Dallas goes to sleep winners tonight in a heroic 2-1 come-from-behind victory at Colorado thanks to a goal and an assist from Fabian Castillo. I'll have thoughts on the match tomorrow, but for now here's the post-game quote sheet

Schellas Hyndman, FC Dallas Head Coach

On the opening 15 minutes:

The first 15-18 minutes we were really back on our heels. The thing that changed was moving Brek [Shea] into a striker position and moving Fabian [Castillo] onto the flank. Brek was really unable to keep the balls over there with Hunter [Freeman] and he became a handful for the two center backs. That started opening it up for us. We were doing a little bit better, being a little bit more dangerous and Castillo did a good job tracking back and working. Colorado didn’t have as many services as they did that first 18-19 minutes.

On defending Colorado’s counter attack:

We had talked about Daniel Hernandez just holding that center midfield a little bit better, just staying there. What was happening is the strikers were stepping back, [Conor] Casey was stepping back and getting balls and [Martin] Rivero would step in that space and carry balls and what was happening is that was the ball that was leading to Omar [Cummings]. We finally got it straight with our center backs, not to check back with Conor and let him go. We didn’t think he would score from that distance and we didn’t think he would make the same killer pass that Rivero would make.

On the team vibe after snapping winless streak:

We’ve gone I don’t know how many games, 14 without a win, maybe more. The last time we won was April 14 and we talked about it. We try to really keep the pressure off these guys. We’ve been going without six or seven starters. The result is the result. The thing I’ve said to these guys is we’ve fought in every game. In every game we fight and we just don’t find the way to get the win, or we beat ourselves or we get fatigued. Right now you see David Ferreira coming back. This is his third game in a row. He’s the one that’s making the passes. He’s the one that’s getting others to work harder.

Kevin Hartman, FC Dallas Goalkeeper

On snapping the streak:

We’re a group that really works hard and it has been disappointing to put together a winless streak as long as it was. It’s always great to enjoy and celebrate victories and there hasn’t been a lot of rewarding ourselves lately, so to have gotten a win in a very difficult environment tonight, it means a lot to us. Hopefully it will give us some confidence going into San Jose, and maybe we can put together a stretch of wins that will put us back in the hunt.

On lineup changes because of injuries:

It doesn’t seem like we’ve gotten very many breaks in terms of injuries. Someone will get healthy, and then someone will go down. We’ve got a few guys with concussion symptoms. It comes down to we fight and we work, and we try our best to get victories and points. Unfortunately when you’re missing the amount of talent that we are missing from injuries, it becomes more difficult to compete. Some guys have stepped in and done admirably. We continue to look forward to more guys getting healthy, but tonight, it’s a step in the right direction.

On the appearance of a lack of celebration after ending the streak:

The way things have gone for us this year, we don’t have time to sit there and celebrate. We don’t have the ability to let anything slip away. We ended the end of the game very professionally. Plus, you’re playing in Colorado, so it’s not like you have a lot of extra energy at any point during the game to do just start doing any dances or anything. You want to get back to midfield, make sure you are prepared for the next opportunity that Colorado might get and we did that well tonight. We were very professional with the game and did a great job coming back from a 1-0 deficit.

Fabian Castillo, FC Dallas Forward

On the open space on his game-winning goal:

The play started with Carlos [Rodriguez] getting a good shot on goal, where the ‘keeper had to deflect it into space where there was two FC Dallas players. Fortunately, I was able to get on top of it, create some separation with my first touch, and put it in. It was good motivation for me to get on the score sheet.

On lack of celebration after breaking the winless streak:

At this point there was no reason to celebrate because we haven’t accomplished anything. We talked at the beginning of the game about being six points behind Colorado and trying to get three points tonight. We have a very difficult game coming up in San Jose. We got the three points tonight. We’re going to look forward to getting three points at San Jose. Once we start collecting more wins then we can start thinking about celebrating.

Oscar Pareja, Colorado Rapids Head Coach

On five losses in the past six games:

Now we need to get results and get things done. In a game like tonight, it’s probably a reflection of what has been happening in many of the games. We do a lot of good things, but then we don’t finalize the job and then that happens. It is frustrating, but we cannot lose our heads. I don’t want the group to lose their heads, because it’s a fragile moment when you don’t get results, and you’ve got to keep going.

On giving up a lead at home for the second time:

Obviously, this one hurts a lot because the guys were coming out of two hard games and they didn’t get the result. And now they put the game up 1-0 and then have options, but then you have to have that killer instinct and get things done. And we didn’t, we let the other team react and we gave up two goals on a lack of concentration, and that’s what it is. The game is a whole thing, not just doing it for some parts and for some moments. It’s 90 plus minutes and we end up just paying for it.

On which of the two goals against was most frustrating:

I’d say both of them honestly, but the first one is a ball that we discussed during the week. Because it happened in Seattle, we don’t clear the ball and then it comes in a second ball and we don’t pick our guys. That frustrates me, but as I say it’s difficult and I don’t want them to lose their heads. I want them to be on their feet and I know it’s hard, it’s a very difficult moment, but we have to stick together. This is a moment where we’re going to see who really wants to be here.

Matt Pickens, Colorado Rapids goalkeeper

On the loss and the state of the team:

It’s a little concerning right now. I think the way we’re representing our club on our home field is pretty damn embarrassing. We think we have something and then we come out with nothing, and it’s become a trend. Now we’ve got to dig real deep going on the road and hopefully we get something out of these games coming up, but it doesn’t get easier for us. But like I said, it’s embarrassing to represent the club this way.

On adding new players to solve the problem:

I think it’s that we win as a team and we lose as a team. It was just a lot of players came from the left side and they came off some set pieces on the first goal again. We just lacked concentration, and maybe a little lack of hard and a little lack of knowing where our guys are at and thinking someone else is going to pick them up. I don’t know what it is but I’ve got to go back and look, but we just gave them the game again here and it’s unacceptable.

On his frustration level:

You know this is the toughest stretch I think I’ve ever been on as a soccer player. But you can’t do anything but get back on the field and keep working. And one of these is just going to turn around for us, hopefully it comes on Wednesday. We’ve got a quick turnaround with the game on Wednesday. Right now it hurts but we’ve got to put that past us as fast as we can and start representing the club the way we should be.

Drew Moor, Colorado Rapids defender

On the first goal:

The first one it was one of those where the corner kick was just kind of a half clearance. We stepped up, but some guys didn’t follow their man and left the guy wide open, and he’s one of the smallest guys on the field and he heads it in. You’ve got to stay marked, if it’s a half clearance you’ve got to stay marked and we weren’t marked up. It’s just accountability, that’s winning your one-v-one matchups.

On the concentration of the back line:

I don’t think the first one was a lack of concentration in the back, I think it’s whoever’s man scored wasn’t marking him. The second one was a break, I think we got caught on the wrong side of the first guy that got the shot off before I headed it away. Luis [Zapata] might have thought he was offside but he caught the wrong side of his man and that causes us problems. Whether that’s a lack of concentration or not we just gave up another couple of bad goals. But it’s the same old story, I’m tired of it, and I know these guys are tired of it. We’ve got to put this behind us. It’s not time to get frustrated. And as easy as it would be and as much as everybody wants to be frustrated, it’s a big week and we’ve got to try to put this one behind us and learn from those mistakes that we made.