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Summer Transfer Window: Is FC Dallas Buyers or Sellers?

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As we head into the summer months, there always seems to be a flurry of activity with the summer transfer window opening. Players from Europe become available and teams move guys around to make room for those players while other teams begin to panic that they're outside the playoff picture and will mortgage the future for some instant gratification.

The question becomes, how active will FC Dallas be in the trade market and will they be buyers or sellers? Schellas Hyndman had this to say after practice when I asked him about potential moves this summer.

We're always looking. I think every team is always looking and you have to when you're not getting the results or when you've got serious injuries. But the thing is, you have different ways of acquiring players because right now we're at a salary cap and roster compliance issue. The only way we can bring somebody is to move somebody so that's one thing you have to look at. So it could be a trade, say we make a trade because we need a certain type of player and they need a certain type of player and we agree to it....I don't know that we have many other ways to bring in players right now because of roster compliance.

That certainly doesn't sound like a team that really has a lot of wiggle room right now to be wheeling and dealing and it should be said, loud and clear, that you can't simply add up the numbers on the leaked MLS salary list and assume that is your spot on the cap. There's so many contributing factors that trying to decipher what kind of wiggle room Dallas has is best served by seeing what the gaffer says. As you can see above, there's not a ton of room so FCD would likely need to be lowering their salary cap hit on any trade they make or get allocation money to offset the salary changes.

The problem for FC Dallas is, I just don't see a lot on the roster in tradeable players that you would be willing to part with at this point that could bring you a contributing piece in return which tends to rule out FC Dallas as buyers.

George John is a possibility and trading GJ could certainly have it's merits, as the rise of Matt Hedges has made it all but assured that he won't be back in Dallas next year even if he does stay in MLS, but the biggest sticking point with him is his salary. At his bargain basement $50k salary, you're going to have to be getting an allocation to offset salary you bring on and is George John worth an allocation in the range of $100k plus a good MLS player? I guess it all depends on if a team has agreed to a new contract with him.

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Could Fabian Castillo be tradeable? Well I guess so, especially to Colorado with Pareja, but his stock probably isn't as high as you'd currently like for it to be and the transfer fee that FCD paid for him complicates things. It's certainly not out of the realm of possibility if Hyndman really wants to shake things up, but it really seems like a remote chance. The thought of Castillo figuring it out at another Western Conference team scares the hell out of me as well.

The homegrown players may have value to a team like Colorado, but are you really going to get any value of these guys with their huge potential? I'd hate to see a guy like Ruben Luna, even if he is going through some struggles right now, traded for a nothing player and a draft pick.

The other problem is that you have so many injured players right now lowering their trade value immensely. The guys who have shown great improvement this year, guys like Perez, Hedges and Pertuz, are guys you definitely want on the team going forward while players like Wiedeman and Guarda aren't going to bring you anything in return.

So does FCD become sellers?

This brings me back to George John. Even if he hasn't agreed to a contract for the next season, I'm sure there's a bunch of teams out there that will be on the fringe of contending for a playoff spot/major Cup run come August that would love to add a center back of his caliber and would be willing to give you a first round draft pick plus some money for him. Do you make that deal? It's probably a discussion that should be shelved for a couple months until we see whether David Ferreira returning really was the key to turning the ship around.

After all this my conclusion would be, ask me again in six weeks.