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6/27 FC Dallas Practice Notes and Quotes


Just a few things today. I was out at practice for all of ten minutes before slipping over to the AdvoCare press conference so I took exactly 0 from practice. I'm sure Friday's practice will be more informative.

Just one major note, FCD has practice off tomorrow and will train again on Friday. Originally, FCD was to have Friday off instead of Thursday but there is an adidas photo shoot set for training on Friday....this is all according to Schellas.

Obviously, most of the excitement in Frisco this morning centered around the big announcement. You can watch an archived stream of the announcement on the FCD website so I'm not going to transcribe what Doug Quinn said, but here's some bits from my chat with Schellas that didn't make the MLS stories.

Thoughts on this overall event

First of all I think this is fantastic. This is something FC Dallas has had on their list to do and I think there’s been numerous conversations with organizations but I think they waited to get the perfect fit. From what I heard today and the reputation that Richard and Sherry Wright have, I think it really matches with the reputation of the Hunt Family.

Were you familiar with the brand obviously as the SMU coach?

Absolutely, they’ve been around a couple decades. They have not only multiple products but what always interested us at the university level was the banned substance and what’s in there. You don’t want NCAA violations because they’re taking products and they don’t know what’s in them.

Those were things we went through a couple decades ago because people were always looking for an edge through nutrition whether it was protein drinks, supplements and the thing that always scared us as coaches was there anything at all that was going to affect your performance to the point that it’s a banned substance that could eliminate the team from playoffs or the university being scarred. I think that’s always been a concern.

With the weekend off coming up, what’s been the focus this week?

A big part right now is keeping players active, motivated and recognizing that we’re just starting into the second half of the season. We’re not where we want to be by no stretch of the imagination. We think we’ll get better just by getting healthier players on the field.

So what we’ve been doing is keeping the training upbeat, keeping it sharp. We’re very concerned with the weather conditions so we’ve backed off our training as far as the intensity that we normally have. The players may not have agreed with that on Monday, a pretty difficult day of training, but we’re making training a little bit shorter and keeping their legs.

Do you feel like David Ferreira could play a part in the July 4 game?

My plan right now would be, David is looking very talented and fit and coming through in training sessions but he has yet to be kicked by anyone. Let’s take it back two years ago, he was the most fouled player in the league so I don’t think that’s going to change. 14 or 15 months ago he got a season ending injury that’s kept him off the field since.

We don’t want to make David be our lifeline. We want David to be a part of our team moving forward maybe in a situation where he’s on the bench for a few games and a situation where he’s closing out games in the last 10 or 15 minutes and building his way back. I think if we put David out there as a starter and expect him to do what he did two or three years ago, I think it will be unrealistic and I think expectations will be disappointing so let’s keep it safe and logical.

Do you expect Blas to start on Wednesday and how did you miss him in the last game?

I think the more we see Blas, the more we’re so pleased that we have him. We knew he was a good soccer player, we knew he could hold the ball and we knew he could score in different manners. The thing I didn’t know was his character. He’s had such a tremendous work ethic, in training he’s going up to our physical preparatory asking for more. And then he’s really a leader.

There’s always an adjustment coming in for international players in the league and he’s going through some bumps in the road, but look what he’s done with Panama recently. We feel like we’ve helped prepare him for those games. Will he be ready by Wednesday, we hope so. Could we have used him the last two games, absolutely.

I thought the Houston game there were some opportunities that maybe Blas would’ve found a way. Then the Chivas game, dominating 13-2 in shots I think we would’ve found a way to find him as well.

Is it kind of a snakebit thing where you look at the Chicago game where there was the encroachment at the end on the penalty then you don’t get the penalty called, that’s got to be frustrating.

Those are two incidents. David getting taken down 15 months ago and no foul was called. You just keep going back to things but I’ve got to believe that I’m just one of other coaches that can probably pinpoint moments of disappointments. Moments that can change the outcome of the game but if you believe of the circle of life, all the bad’s going to go away and the good is going to start. That’s what we’re waiting for .