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MLS Power Rankings: Week 16

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The Cherry On Top

San Jose Earthquakes (PROMOTED)

I was going to leave RSL on top based on predicted future form and all that, but San Jose has now beaten them twice. Don't they remind you of 2010 FCD?

The Cream of the Crop

Real Salt Lake (DEMOTED)

Kreis' side seems to be unable to hold the losses off for an extended period of time. After three wins in a row they've now dropped two. Not exactly confidence building, but I don't think they're too worried in the long run.

They should be a bit worried though.

New York Red Bulls

New York is really starting to look like potential Champions. Their defense is still an issue but they can outscore anyone when they try. The issue is holding off DC and Sporting KC.

Almost Elite

Sporting Kansas City

Leaky, leaky defense. Sporting are still a pretty solid team but they just can't keep dropping results to weaklings like Philly and expect other people's opinion of them to stay high. Holding Seattle to a tie is nice though.

D.C. United

I'm really impressed with DC this season despite the loss. On another note, they have maybe the best sponsorship in MLS. VW's are sexy, but that old asylum they still use for a stadium really does them no justice. Odd contrast of high profile sponsor, great team and history combined with the worst grounds in MLS.

The MLS Middle Class

Seattle Sounders (DEMOTED)

Man, the Sounders have really slowed their momentum. I've always thought they were solid, even quite good, but the recurring defense and goal scoring issues undermines what is a very fluid team.

Vancouver Whitecaps

The Whitecaps were the latest victim in LA's resurgence. It's hard to criticize them too much for that, they were likely caught off guard and LA was going for the kill. If they can't recover this week though then things will look different.

Chicago Fire

Still inconsistent, and there's talk of their two best players skipping town in Marco Pappa and Sebastian Grazzini. Not sure the Fire can hold up without those two. It's probably real nice to be going through this season as opposed to the last one though.

Columbus Crew

I haven't done my due diligence on Columbus, but can you blame me? People mock how few fans come to Dallas but I haven't seen any more at Columbus. This opinion is, however, based purely on the number of people I see at their grounds on TV. This might be one of the only teams I just don't have an opinion about either way.

Portland Timbers

If I was a Timbers fan, I would be so stoked about beating Seattle that nothing else would matter for a few weeks. Gosh, winning those rivalry matches sure is fun!

Chivas USA

Punchless against Dallas, but did enough to deny us the three points. I still can't dislike the Goats. Too much pep!

Montreal Impact

Thank you Montreal. It's not better than FCD beating Houston, but it'll do for now.


Out of nowhere they have cobbled together a few nice wins. Three in a row says the Galaxy are back in the playoff hunt and if this streak builds their confidence as much as their points, watch out. I really don't think it's impossible for LA to regain last season's form, Gonzo aside.


Houston Dynamo (DEMOTED)

Really, besides beating FCD they have accomplished little of note lately. Not being able to beat either Toronto or Montreal doesn't speak highly of their current state.

Colorado Rapids (DEMOTED)

They score awfully little for a 4-3-3 side, and they really haven't maintained any sort of momentum. Perhaps Pareja needs more time to pick his own Joes for the job?

New England Revolution

The Revs are holding steady but the playoffs require a lot more winning from them. It's not entirely out of the question they can grab the last spot though.

Philadelphia Union

That nice win against Sporting will do wonders for morale and hope, but I think their playoff hopes are shot at this point. With Nowak gone however fans can feel like their Coach cares again.

Toronto FC

I want to say nice things about TFC but I've got nothing. BMO Field is nice I guess. Not losing anymore is nice too!

Dishonorable Mention

FC Dallas

Couldn't get much worse for our boys. Toronto jokes just aren't funny anymore (especially when they have recovered and we haven't) and I can't find an adequate enough disaster to compare them to. Hurricane Katrina seems insensitive, anything WWII related is overblown and tactless.

The Hindenburg maybe? Everyone was excited to see it take off into the future and then it exploded spectacularly and crashed to the ground in a flaming heap while--

...Yeah. That sounds about right.