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FC Dallas Draws Blanks With Chivas USA

Jun 23, 2012; Frisco, TX, USA; FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea (20) and Chivas USA defender Danny Califf (23) fight for the ball during the first half at FC Dallas Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE
Jun 23, 2012; Frisco, TX, USA; FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea (20) and Chivas USA defender Danny Califf (23) fight for the ball during the first half at FC Dallas Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE

The streak moves to 11 winless but the silver lining in the night no goals were given up by FC Dallas as they tied Chivas USA 0-0 on a hot night in Frisco.

Dallas had chance after chance on the evening as Chivas was playing their third game in a week (not to mention they have a forth next Tuesday in the USOC quarterfinals). Robin Fraser's club was gassed towards the end of the game but once again found a way to grind out a result away from Los Angeles.

Schellas Hyndman was able to bring Brek Shea back into the lineup for the first time in a few weeks. He was played up top on the night with Scott Sealy - a move that nearly paid off a couple times. Shea was dangerous at moments with Fabian Castillo on the wing while Jackson Goncalves was all over the field providing chances of his own as well.

Read on for more from tonight's game...

Man of the Match: Jackson

The crowd voted him as the MoM on the night and I agreed with them. He was all over the place but in a good way. He created chances and nearly got on the end of a couple as well.

(Matt Hedges was a close second on the night for me, Andrew Jacobson at third for what it was worth)

There are a few ways to look at this game so I'll just go with the classic Good, bad and ugly.

The Good

Wing play. I really felt it was a good move having Jackson and Castillo on the wings with their pace tonight. Hyndman saw a weakness there for sure as Chivas was gasses midway through this game thanks to the hot temperatures on the night. Castillo got a ton of service on the night, mostly from the middle of the field as Sealy, Shea and Andrew Jacobson played him in behind the defense nicely a few times throughout the game.

Castillo had a few good looks into the penalty box but his service in was lacking in some ways but so was the finishing.

The fight was there. You can tell this group is hungry for a result - and while a draw is something to hang your hat on in some ways - this team just didn't give up on the goal. Unfortunately for them and the fans, there was no goal to be had on the night. Still, it is positive to see this club suffering through an 11-game winless rut and still be so hungry for a result.

Hedges and Pertuz. Not a lot came in on them tonight as Chivas never really played centrally up front but give credit to the two of the them for the few chances that Chivas did create on the night. They kept their heads in straight and got a shutout. Matt Hedges in particular you have to look at and absolutely love his skills and the direction this kid is going here. He was as calm and cool as you need a center back to be in this league tonight.

No cards. For a club like Dallas - the league leaders in red cards - this is something to definitely look in a positive manner at. No cards on the night. Yes this ref called an interesting game and let a few things go but in the end no one lost their cool and got carded for something they shouldn't have.

The Bad

Finishing in the penalty box. You can't come away from a game like this - with so many chances - and not come away with at least one goal. FCD will be hitting themselves come Monday at training when they realize the chances they wasted in this game. The tough part though has to be the fact that they really didn't make Chivas keeper Dan Kennedy work for his saves on the night. There was one long distance shot from Jackson that he had to make a diving stop for but other than that his defense did the bulk of the saving and blocking.

The group just wasn't on the same page. This goes with the finishing but really when the line up gets changed as much as it has with this club as of late, it is tough for the group out there to have a good sense of one another. This group just didn't look like they had gelled with one another before the game.

The Ugly

Set pieces wasted. There was a moment towards the middle of the second half that Dallas was getting a few set pieces and corner kicks. Good places to get a ball into the box but each one taken by Daniel Hernandez was wasted on the night. Out of the six corners and three free kicks that he had, only one of them gave Dallas a decent chance to score. It was so bad that the last corner was a rainbow cross that sailed out of bounds. Hyndman immediately got Jackson's attention to pull Hernandez off the set piece duty.

The ugly part - Hernandez was not pleased. Hyndman brushed it off in the post game that Hernandez wasn't aware that he told Jackson to take the corners but Hernandez was visibly displeased with how things went as he was subbed out. Hernandez was carrying a bit of a limp with his injured knee so one has to think that it wasn't wise on Hyndman's part to even allow Hernandez to be on set piece duty tonight.