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Game Grades: Houston Dynamo 2 FC Dallas 1

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Kevin Hartman - I don't want to discredit his decent performance too much, but Houston's winner was for sure more his fault than any of his teammates'. Usually one of the best punchers in the league, he would have been better off sticking to that instead of a limp-wristed slap. Other than that, he was solid, especially his sweet double save. Game Grade: 6

Zach Loyd - Not his best match in any way. Understandably so though, considering his pair of new neighbors on the back line and eventually having to deal with Benitez's sending off. Game Grade: 5

Hernan Pertuz - He didn't have a completely bad match, but I do think he was a little late filling in the gaping hole left by Matt Hedges on Houston's first goal. Granted, he should not have even had to worry about it, but from watching the replay, he was caught watching the rookie over pursue. Game Grade: 5.5

Matt Hedges - Hopefully he learned a lesson about the consequences of riskily over pursuing as opposed to playing it safe and staying at home. He played much better from the fourth minute on. I am inclined to predict a very bright future for this guy. Game Grade: 5

Jair Benitez - Prior to his booboo, he was one of the best on the pitch in this one. He had several nice tackles, was distributing the ball really well, and was doing good things in attack. Then enter assistant referee George Gansner, who decided that Benitez's elbow was far worse than the headlock that he witnessed Jermaine Taylor put on Daniel Hernandez during the scuffle that ensued shortly after. Uncalled for on Benitez's behalf, but in my opinion, it should have been "uncalled" by the referees. Game Grade: 4.5

Daniel Hernandez - He had a ton of successful passes and was all over the field, which was good in one way, but I would have liked to see him stick a little closer to his teams' makeshift center back crew to help babysit. He was also sub par in the set piece department, again. Game Grade: 5

Andrew Jacobson - After being considered "the glue holding Dallas together" by a highly reputable unnamed sports writer, I was thinking about scheduling a psychiatric examination on account of my spell of apparent hallucinations during FC Dallas games. However, after further review, I agreed with said writer, as long as it is generic brand white school glue he is referring to. Jacobson did what he does best in this match... absolutely nothing. Please, set aside his handful of pointless three-yard passes, and then tell me what exactly his purpose is. Game Grade: 3.5

Bryan Leyva - In probably his biggest moment to date, the youngster did not totally let us down. He did have a couple misguided passes, but at least most of them were an attempt to do something creative. He also looked a little fatigued, which would not be the first time he showed this weakness. Game Grade: 5

Jackson - 100 percent, without a doubt, the best player on the newly-sodded pitch Saturday night. I cannot wait until FCD gets as many true starters out there with him as they can. The Brazilian was a stud, offensively and defensively. Enough said. Game Grade: 8 (Man of the Match)

Fabian Castillo - Same story, different match. It was so fun to watch him smoke defenders any time he wanted to like always. But also, like always, it was so painful to watch his spectacular runs end in vain. All I keep thinking is "one of these days... one of these days." Game Grade: 6

Scott Sealy - I will say that he played extremely hard, just not in the area of the pitch that his team needed him to. He spent far too much time out wide, offering no target up top. He also squandered as easy of a chance as they come. Game Grade: 3

Andrew Weideman - Do I really need to explain? Game Grade: 1.5

Carlos Rodriguez - Tough circumstance to come in to, I got it. However, I didn't see a lot to brag about from the Panamanian. I had a bad feeling immediately after he unnecessarily gave up a cross in the 76th minute, which resulted in the loss of three points. Game Grade: 3