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FC Dallas News Update 5/8

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Hey, tomorrow is another gameday. On one hand, it's great to put Sunday behind them, but man you'd love to have a couple more days to figure out how you're going to play the hottest team in the league without some big pieces.

First things first, you definitely need to check out the Sounder at Heart podcast Nos Audietis this week. I was somehow asked to be included in the same show as Arlo White and Brian Dunseth to talk some FCD, weather, George John and more so for sure check that out. I come in around the 27:00 mark, but the whole show is really worth listening to, it'll get you very ready for Wednesday night....and yes I know we need a podcast. It's a project for the summer, be patient.

Our own Drew Epperley writes for that Schellas was proud of the team's effort in Sunday's loss.

“I think it is real easy for me to bicker and complain about the obvious,” Hyndman said after the loss. “The first play of the game, Jackson gets taken down by [Tyrone] Marshall on the first breakaway, and that was the tone and tempo of the game.”

Steve Hunt gives us some good news in his FCD notebook for the DMN, writing that Brek should be available on Wednesday

“He got a turf toe and he’s been working his way through it. This week he didn’t train,” Hyndman said. “With the three games coming up this week, it was really hard to not be able to count on him for the next two. So we did the safe thing and gave him a little bit of a break.”

Steve's gamer, like everyone else, focused on the red cards

Moor concurs that Perez intended no harm on the play. “To be honest, I think he was trying to bring the ball down out of the air,” the Colorado player said. “His cleat was extended. I don’t think he meant any malice in it whatsoever. But it was a scary situation. I hit my head pretty hard and wanted to be sure that was OK.”

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Drew gives us his perspective on the MLS weekend for SB Nation

Over the last five games, there is no hotter club in the Eastern Conference than the Montreal Impact. I kid you not folks, go look at the standings. The Impact are 3-1-1 in their last five, good enough to help push them into the top five in the East with 11 points. (It should be noted that they'd only be in 7th place in the West with that number of points)

Avi Creditor gives his thoughts on the MLS weekend for SI

The New York Red Bulls are the most scrutinized and dissected team in MLS -- and for good reason considering some of the antics that have gone on involving Red Bulls' players and personnel -- but credit is due when it is earned, and the Red Bulls have certainly done that over the last two weeks.

FCD is down one spot to 11th in the ESPN Power Rankings

It was bad enough that FCD went two men down in losing to Colorado. Now Dallas will be without influential players Blas Perez and Daniel Hernandez for its midweek match against high-flying Seattle.

And finally you should probably check out Coldplay's tribute to the Beastie Boys