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Game Grades: FC Dallas 0 Colorado Rapids 2

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Kevin Hartman I was very impressed with him in this one despite the two goals scored on him. I think we all know that he had a fairly good chance of posting a clean sheet, had referee Mark Geiger visited his red card-bearing back pocket a little less than he did. El Gato managed to make some of his best saves this season during Colorado's barrage. Game Grade: 7

Zach Loyd Much like his fellow 90-minute playing teammates, it was not so easy to fairly judge his performance. However, before the game entered ugly status, Loyd was owning the entire right side touchline. Game Grade: 6

George John The big defender was very good before and after the depletion of his squad. He won several headers in his own area and a ton of clearances. Also, even though none of them led to anything, I was impressed - more than once - with some of his crafty passes forward in an attempt to send an FCD attacker through. Game Grade: 7.5 (Man of the Match).

Ugo Ihemelu The captain did some good stuff as usual, including some decent distribution despite having two fewer targets. I also thought he did a decent job, as captain, of rallying what little troops he had remaining on the battlefield to put together a good fight. Game Grade: 6

Jair BenitezGiven the circumstance, to me he had a decent outing. After he was thrust into what became a homeless position where he often found himself as the lone striker, I almost gave up on attemping a grade for him. However, I though he did about as much as a left back could do. I really don't know, though. What do you think? Game Grade: 5.5

Daniel Hernandez Apart from his two rather HUGE boneheaded mistakes, he was on course for a pretty good match. He almost reached 20 successful passes in his 34 minutes of play. But, I think he knows, more than any of us, how detrimental his unnecessary mistakes were. At this pace, the ex-captain is self destructing his own ever-ending career. Game Grade: 2

Andrew JacobsonAnother unremarkable performance from the center mid. Once again, granted his outnumbered squad were tucked back into their defensive shell, he did absolutely nothing to create any type of hope offensively. Game Grade: 4

JacksonDespite being one of the only offensive threats for FC Dallas, he had loads of lost balls and unsuccessful passes. He also got a little too creative a couple of times that I wished he had just taken the shot. He probably deserves a better grade, but I was really let down almost every time he had the ball. Game Grade: 4.5

Scott SealyI am not sure what his purpose or plan was. He failed to offer anything, even when FC Dallas was at full capacity. Sure he only played 45 minutes, but during those 45 minutes, I saw him refuse to make runs and overall fail to effectively pressure offensively or defensively. Simply a non factor in this one. Game Grade: 3

Fabian CastilloMore of the same from the youngster. Flashy runs that sputter out at the deciding moment. He is so incredibly on the brink of being unstoppable it's hard to watch. To his credit, at least he is trying things that one day he will figure out. I just hope he figures them out while still wearing an FC Dallas kit. Game Grade: 5

Blas PerezHis red was probably more deserved than not, but I believe that he will for sure learn from it. He, like all of us, are still adjusting to a league full of wishy-washy unpredictable officiating. Also, if he and Drew Moor's collision was not ugly enough for you, go take a peek at Perez's Heatmap. Game Grade: 3

Hernan Pertuz - It was good to see him back on the pitch, although the circumstances that brought him on were not preferred. He once again proved to be very hard to beat. You can argue with me all you want, but to me, he is the best bench defender in the league. I'm not saying that he deserves to be on the bench, but name a better defender in the MLS that is currently not in their team's starting XI. Game Grade: 5.5

James Marcelin - This was probably not the ideal way that the newly added midfielder wanted to christen his campaign with his new team, but I thought he displayed some real potential. His work rate was definitely not lacking and he seemed to play with a high level of awareness. He did have a good look on goal, which he completely whiffed, but 99 out of 100 players probably would have done the same in such a big moment. I also did not see anything to confirm his rumored bad attitude, in fact, I saw several things to suggest the opposite. Time (and a few games with 10 other teammates on the pitch) will tell with him, but in this one, he did much more right than wrong. Game Grade: 5.5