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Seeing Red: 9-Man FC Dallas Falls to Colorado

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Tonight's game was definitely not something you see every day. In fact it's not something you've ever seen in an FC Dallas/Dallas Burn game. FCD found themselves two men down within 30 minutes tonight with Daniel Hernandez picking up two yellow cards and Blas Perez being shown a straight red just a minute later.

The Dallas defense held strong for nearly 45 minutes, but the two-man advantage was too much in the end and Colorado found two goals in the last 30 minutes to seal a 2-0 win and a tough blow to FCD's Western Conference chances. Dallas heads into the Seattle game on Wednesday without Daniel Hernandez or Blas Perez while Brek Shea's turf toe ordeal remains a question as well. Some thoughts on the match then the quote sheet:

The first red card Just a dumb dumb dumb play from a former captain that should know better. From what Schellas said in the post-game press conference, Hernandez may have not said anything that bad to the referee, but it doesn't matter. When you pick up the first yellow card, you have to be so smart about how you play and to make a silly challenge like that 75 yards from your own goal is just not using your brain. I will say though, I don't understand how Hernandez gets a yellow and I see Mullan visibly and fervently shouting expletives at the referee later in the first half and nothing is shown.

The second red card I go back and forth on this one. It's a clumsy play from Blas for sure and I was told Drew's leg has a nasty mark. However, I've seen much worse in the league this season that hasn't been shown red. It's just a shame that the red had to come out and basically kill the game for a play like that with no malice. It's more frustrating than anything and extremely frustrating that Blas will now be out for Wednesday's game vs Seattle.

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Character The buzz word from Schellas and everyone else in the locker room was character and the character that FC Dallas showed after going down to 9 men. I can't hold anything against any player that stayed on the pitch, they gave everything they had. While the team does only have 12 points now from 10 games, I think you saw the character tonight that the team has and when this thing finally gets healthy, and it will, they're going to be very good. You just hope the gap doesn't become insurmountable because I fear the two players out for Wednesday and energy expended tonight by the 9 guys that were out there will make things very difficult the rest of the week.

Scattershooting 11,702 in Frisco tonight, not a number that will make anyone happy, but I thought they were very into it, especially after the red cards. I'm not sure how smart it was giving the referees their own exit from the field at the end of the first half...Please check out my debut article for where I identify the three plays that changed the game. Tonight was obviously very easy....Wednesday is going to be really, really tough without Blas, Hernandez and potentially Brek. Someone needs to step up on this team right now offensively...Marcelin looked good, I think he will definitely add something to this thing.


Head Coach Schellas Hyndman

On the five cards issued in the first half…

It is real easy for me to sit here and bicker and complain about the obvious, but I would ask you to take a look at the videos. The first play of the game when Jackson gets taken down by [Tyrone] Marshall on the breakaway, that really sets the tone and the tempo. I challenge you to look at the video, and you come up with your own conclusion.

On the red card to Blas Perez…

I did see it as a 50/50 play, and I don’t think there was anything intentional. It was simply two players going for the ball and it is what it is.

On James Marcelin’s debut in the second half…

He did fine. It was just a difficult game. We needed someone in there for Daniel [Hernandez]. We had choices and we could have gone with a striker, or two strikers. You can appreciate that in the back of my mind, I was wondering if we were going to lose another man. At what point of time do you try and make it a battle?

On some of the positives the team can take away from this game:

I don’t think you ever want to underestimate that there are positive things to come out of games, win or lose. It was just a disappointing event. The players, I was really proud of them for how much they gave. It says a lot about the character of this team. They don’t give up. If we would have played another 45 minutes, they would have given the same effort. The game really gave us an opportunity to work on being a man down.

FC Dallas midfielder James Marcelin

General thoughts on the match…

For me personally, I feel good. I feel good that I got in the match, but not too good because of the loss. It was a tough loss for the team, but we really couldn’t do anything about it.

On playing two men down…

It’s so hard to play against a team up two men. The defense is constantly under pressure, trying not to give up any goals. We would have loved to have not given up any goals, but we did well only allowing two.

On the short week, playing Seattle on Wednesday…

We’ve got to move forward and keep positive. If we work hard in practice, we should be able to get a good result against Seattle.

Have you ever played in a match where you were down two men?

No. That was my first time. Coach told us to take the ball to the outsides to attack. [Colorado] already had more players in the middle before the red cards, so we tried to attack on the outsides.

FC Dallas defender Zach Loyd

What was the team’s mentality, playing down two men?

As a team, the biggest thing is to come together. Despite the loss, we showed a lot of character, a lot of our guys who played the full 90 worked exceptionally hard. It’s obviously hard going down two guys. I thought we were resilient. We kept them from scoring a goal for a while but they just managed to break us down eventually. But overall, the team did a good job and showed a lot of fight today.

What did Schellas say at halftime?

He just told us it’s about character. When you go down two guys, the biggest thing is to not give up. You’re in a fight. You’re still trying to get a point. We did well as a team. I think the fans appreciate the hard work we put into the game when the odds were against us. Overall, it’s not the performance we would have liked to put on here at home but given the situation, I thought we fought hard.

What can you take out of today’s game?

The biggest thing we can take from today’s game is character. A lot of guys showed character today and that they’re willing to put in the hard work for this team going into a tough stretch of games.

Colorado head coach Oscar Pareja

General thoughts on the match…

The second half, FC Dallas gave us a lot of difficulties. We couldn’t put in more goals. Now it is a different game when you’re playing a team with two men down, but I have to give all the credit to our players that came up with intelligence and patience and we put the things together. Scoring a goal is not easy when you put in a 4-3-1, which they did. The win was well deserved. Even when we were playing against their 11, we were a much better team than them.

Talk about facing FC Dallas for the first time as an opposing coach

It’s awkward you know. I spent 14 years here. But that’s the profession. You just have to come in here and do the job. It happened to me as a player. Sometimes you have to go and play against the players you love, the team you love and the city you love. As I said it’s a little awkward, but we came in and did our job.

On the offensive sub at halftime

This is the challenge that we have. When you have to play as one, it’s normal. We were expecting to play a team that put two forward waiting for a mistake to come at a run at us.

On playing against a team two players down…

When a team is down two you want to score goals because you have two more players. That desperation can become a challenge, but we did a good job. We wanted to put in Conor [Casey] to put in two forwards to have more offensive moments. We did a good job even though they had nine guys. You know you still have to create options.

Colorado defender Drew Moor

On the red card…

His cleat was extended into me. I don’t think he meant any malice in it whatsoever, but it is a scary situation. I hit my head pretty hard and I wanted to be sure that was ok. It was a physical game. It always is when the two of us line up against each other and that’s the way it went tonight.

On playing in Dallas…

You know it’s always tough to come back and play here. Oscar might not tell you he was nervous, but I’ll tell you he was nervous as well. You know this club meant a lot to both of us. And to be able to come in and win three points like this at this point in the season where we had had a dip in form at the end of a three-game week, it’s big. It’s always special. I had a lot of friends and family in the crowd. A lot of friends who supported me when I played for Dallas and continue to support me even when I play with the Rapids, so it’s a special place. I played in over a hundred games here for FC Dallas and it will always be a special place for me. A big part of my heart stays here. It makes it that much sweeter to finally get three points here.

On being captain

It has been great. You know Pablo [Mastroeni] is still our captain. We see him plenty and we hope nothing but the best for him because he’s going through some scary stuff right now. You don’t want to mess with concussions. I’ve had a few myself and they can be very scary. But I’m always proud to wear the armband. I wore it several times when Pablo Recendez was injured or missing games and it’s always special and it never gets old.

Colorado forward Conor Casey

On getting three points in Dallas…

It felt great. It was a great game to come into being up a couple men. It was good to get a good run in myself and then obviously great for the squad to pick up three points. This was huge for us. With such a long amount of time off, it’s important to go in there feeling good and obviously we are happy with the win and it’s going to make this week more enjoyable for sure.

How did you feel?

I felt great. I felt great. Obviously being up two men makes it a little bit easier. You don’t have to run as much. It was a great game for me to come into with the first chance to get some real good minutes. I feel good about it and I just want to build on it.