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FC Dallas Practice Live 5/4

FRISCO, TX - APRIL 25:  Zach Loyd #17 of the FC Dallas collides with goal keeper Nick Rimando #18 of the Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Stadium on April 25, 2012 in Frisco, Texas.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
FRISCO, TX - APRIL 25: Zach Loyd #17 of the FC Dallas collides with goal keeper Nick Rimando #18 of the Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Stadium on April 25, 2012 in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
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Two practices in three days is a pretty rare occurrence for me, but I had the opportunity today and figured it was worth another trip out to Frisco to get a full team practice in after the 11-man affair on Wednesday. Today it was just me and Buzz Carrick of 3rd Degree making a rare cameo appearance with the OKC Thunder in town. Always great to see Buzz and catch up with him, a lot of the trends you see in media these days Buzz was doing 3 years before anyone else.

Schellas is running super short practices this week, I would assume to keep the legs of his players with 3 games in 7 days next week, more on this in the quotes. Today's practice was pretty basic, mostly just crossing and working on the attack. You don't see much defensive work these days which is a testament to how well the back four is playing right now, sans a hiccup here or there.


Brek Shea a doubt He's not listed in the MLS injury report, but Brek didn't practice today again with his turf toe injury. Schellas will talk about him in the quotes, but it wouldn't surprise me at all to see him either sit this one out or perhaps come off the bench. Not great timing, but as always it's another chance for a reserve to step up whether it's Scott Sealy coming in to play on the wing or another option.

That's pretty much it, everything else is status quo from Wednesday. Bryan Leyva called in sick according to Schellas which is pretty strange.

Schellas on a bunch of different topics after the jump

Hyndman Says

So Brek isn't playing this weekend?

I wouldn't say that, I think we're just taking a bit of precaution. What he got was a turf toe in Vancouver because it was really deep with sand and rubber, then we played him against LA and it wasn't getting better so we just wanted to back it off. We went to our guy who takes care of all our orthodics, he just went over yesterday and he said it feels much better and takes the pressure off in the area.

What we wanted to do is we have three games coming up in a week and if he's unable to go the way we want him to go then we can just keep him on the bench and see how it goes.

You've only lost one game in the month of May for the last two seasons, what has been the key to Dallas playing well in this month?

May is where we stay. We develop a situation where our team just gets better and then I think people start to understand their roles and responsibility. Once we get into that May area, I think we kind of stay there. Last year we brought in new players and none of them really helped us as far as summer window, they were either out of shape or injured and none of them really helped us. I think if you remember we played 48 or 49 games last year. May is kind of the target for us and we try to stay there with that kind of intensity.

Scott Sealy might be given a shot out wide this week, do you worry about him with the defensive side of his responsibilities?

You always worry about players that are going into new positions when there's different responsibility and a different job description. He's one of our more fit players, I don't think it would be a lack of fitness on him coming back, it would be a lack of awareness. It's again through necessity, what are you going to do?

Carlos Rodriguez's injury, another week or two for him?

I don't know, I think this is his first day out here jogging. I don't think it's going to be a week and he'll feel ready. Probably closer to two.

Where is Leyva today?

Bryan called in sick today, I think so much of it is allergies and stuff like that. I've got them, John's got them, players are hacking in the locker room. I think he just picked up some illness which is really too bad because he's a player that can play on the right side and has helped us this year.

How about Hartman, is he ready to go?

We talked a little bit about it yesterday and Drew felt that he's been having a really good training. What he's got to do now is make a recommendation to me and I'll make the decision on whether it's going to be Kevin or Chris. The thing with Chris is he's really stepped up big and he's really came in and done a fantastic job for us.

The Vancouver game, it was a brilliant goal scored and then we looked at the highlights again today and he made probably 3 outstanding saves a game. You don't want to hurt someone's confidence but you also have to go back to the guy you've been counting on.

What's the thinking on the short practices this week? Just keeping everyone's legs under them this week?

Yeah, that's exactly it. The weather's getting warmer and we're going back into three games in a week. As I said to the players, it's not like we need to get anymore fitness and we don't need to drain you mentally. We'll be fine for Colorado, it's how quickly we can return for Seattle and then we travel to Columbus and if you look at their schedule, I'm just guessing, I don't think they've played a midweek game yet(They haven't) so they have a week to recover for every game. Again we're falling back into the scheduling this year has taken a lot out of us but sometimes difficulty brings the best out of you. You just want the guys to be fresh and we're just trying to keep them mentally fresh too.