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FC Dallas Close To Adding Haitian Midfielder James Marcelin

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I like this guy already
I like this guy already

There were a few eyebrows raised when James Marcelin's name popped up on the teamsheet for the FC Dallas Reserves in their game at Kansas City on Tuesday night. The Haitian midfielder had been with the Portland Timbers for the last two years and change, one while they were in the USL and last season in MLS where he appeared in 20 games, making 12 starts. Marcelin was waived from Portland on April 25th and today at practice it was confirmed pending waivers and MLS paperwork that he will be signed by FC Dallas.

The first thing you notice about him is his enormous size, listed at 6-2 175 pounds, he looks more like a linebacker than a soccer player and looks like a d-mid with a lot of range and obvious athleticism. Judging from the reaction on Twitter, Portland fans scratched their heads a bit when Marcelin was released so this could potentially be a nice addition. I would expect him to slot in as the backup defensive midfielder behind Daniel Hernandez. Marcelin will take up an international roster spot & made $65,000 in 2011.

Reaction from Schellas on the Marcelin signing after the jump

The timing is really good for us because you saw the release with Bobby Warshaw. Bobby broke his fifth metatarsal and he's going to surgery right now. The recovery time is maybe 6 or 8 weeks. Six weeks to getting back running and then eight weeks to get back to fitness levels that he had. With James, it was perfect timing for us. I think he's more of a defensive midfielder, that's what you look for when you look at the boy. He's a big strong boy.

He played a lot his first year in Portland, in fact he played for Colin Clarke at Puerto Rico. We made a call to Colin and he basically said that he would bring him back tomorrow. He really loved him so we played him in a reserve game in Kansas, Marco came back and told me he's definitely going to add something we don't have.

(Why did Portland let him go?). I think it might have been more about international spots, they just brought in the Scottish guy Smith, they brought him in and it might have been international spots. He hasn't played a lot this year since they brought in Chara. I don't think they wanted to let him go but when they looked at their international spots and what they needed, that was their decision.