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Around MLS: Week 12

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TORONTO, CANADA - MAY 26: Danny Koevermans #14 of Toronto FC celebrates his goal against the Philadelphia Union during MLS action at BMO Field May 26, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
TORONTO, CANADA - MAY 26: Danny Koevermans #14 of Toronto FC celebrates his goal against the Philadelphia Union during MLS action at BMO Field May 26, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
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This was a week of more or less expected results, with a few surprises along the way.

Let us put our hands together for Toronto FC, who FINALLY recorded a win against the lowly Philadelphia Union! The Reds put together a decent showing, but it wasn't until a goal in the dying minutes of the match by Danny Koevermans that TFC nabbed their first W of the season. Despite the complete disaster that our season has turned into, it's nice to see Toronto rescue something this past week, winning the ACC and getting their first win. Perhaps more winning is on the way?

The Crew embarrassed the Sounders on their home field on Wednesday, shutting them out on their own turf and scoring twice to boot. The injury-plagued Crew managed to acquire another one for the pile though, when Danny O'Rourke picked up an injury to his ankle and had to be subbed out around the half-time mark.

Seattle tried furiously to break the deadlock after the half, but Andy Gruenebaum was up to the task and might be nominated for save of the week for his save off of Freddy Montero. Emilio Renteria finally got the goal that has been eluding him all season long, and the Crew held on for a convincing 2-0 win. The Columbus defense deserves a lot of credit for allowing Seattle very few chances in the last 20 minutes.

The Sounders have hit a pretty hard skid since their five game win streak, and the offense is mostly to blame. Montero might have been getting hot, but that won't matter if the rest of their midfield doesn't click at all.

The only team that is matching Dallas loss-for-loss is the LA Galaxy, who managed to lose twice this past week, though to be fair it was against solid competition in the Houston Dynamo and the San Jose Earthquakes. With Landon Donovan putting on a show against Scotland, it makes you wonder where THIS Donovan has been all season long and if the Galaxy would be in a different spot if that Landon showed up for them consistently.

The Galaxy, unlike Dallas, had massive expectations placed on them this season, and so their fall from grace is thankfully attracting more attention than Dallas at this point. Two seasons ago, these two teams were in the Western Conference final. What happened??

The Colorado Rapids and Oscar Pareja picked up a win against Montreal, though not without some trademark Colorado thuggery. Montreal went up first thanks to a goal by Patrice Bernier but couldn't manage to hold the lead for long, because 4 minutes later the Rapids earned a PK off a hard shoulder charge from Impact defender Hassoun Camara. Colorado's resident ginger, Jeff Larentowicz, put the penalty kick home without much trouble, and the game was quickly tied up.

Several goals later the score was 2-2 and Tyrone Marshall, who was already carrying a yellow, picked up his second yellow card for a tackle on Felipe and was booted from the game. Montreal failed to make an Impact (see what I did there?) with the ejection favoring them though, and a messy play in the last ten minutes of the match saw Jaime Castrillon pick up a rebound from Donovan Ricketts and knocked it into the net. Last minute game-winners hardly seem special anymore as they have become a theme for almost all teams this season. Odd, isn't it?

Sporting seems to have recovered from their recent swoon, picking up a 2-1 win over the Quakes at Livestrong Sporting Park. I am still a bit skeptical, as their defense again looked less than stellar though fortunately for them they limited the Quakes' chances. San Jose's inability to get an equalizer seemed to stem less from the Sporting defense and more from the Quakes' inability to string passes together inside the final third.

Despite some acceptable defending from Sporting, the Quakes almost tied the game, and you have to wonder if Sporting were facing a less tired side if they could have held on. Blowing leads, much like with FC Dallas, has become routine for KC.

What can I say about FC Dallas that hasn't already been said? The injuries have seriously held back the potential of this team to a significant extent, and we have no reason to believe the season would be the same had we maintained even a smidgen of health. That being said, Dallas is awful at the moment. This is the darkest period the team has seen in a good long time, and if it doesn't turn around soon we will be left looking towards next season instead of the playoffs. Our terrible form seems like some sort of cruel joke. Does anyone here really believe the team is as bad as their current form indicates? I sure don't.

Chivas has been significantly improved of late. I used to see them as easy points, now that really looks like a foolish opinion. They beat LA (then again, who hasn't beat LA?) and took down the Quakes and tied Seattle at the Clink. Please be a bad team against us, okay Chivas?