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MLS Power Rankings: Week 11

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CARSON, CA - MAY 19: <em>Dan Kennedy FC</em> posing for a picture  (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
CARSON, CA - MAY 19: Dan Kennedy FC posing for a picture (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
Getty Images

A quick note: I do not like to number teams and so I won't do it. While these weekly features are subjective, numbering teams is a slippery slope. Due to that the teams are placed in certain categories, with no numerical order within those categories. On we go!

Lots of draws this week mean there hasn't been much movement. Also I apologize, but due to family commitments and Chelsea winning the Champion's League (I partied more than I watched MLS) I watched little to no MLS besides FCD and relied mostly on highlights and stats. As such there will be no "Around MLS" this week.

It will return next week though, and hopefully on it I will write all about how MLS quivers at FC Dallas' resurgence.

The Cherry On Top

Real Salt Lake

Inactive this week. They're scary even when they're inactive. Hopefully they play the worst game of their season this Saturday.

The Cream of the Crop

Seattle Sounders

Montero has really been on fire lately, though I honestly expected the Sounders to be able to handle the Whitecaps. I doubt any Sounders fans are too uspet with a draw away from their home though.

San Jose Earthquakes

The Quakes continued the trend of top runners all drawing against teams they should be able to beat. However, drawing Columbus must be seen as a disappointment more so than Seattle drawing against Vancouver.

New York Red Bulls

A five game win streak! True, New York haven't played top-flight teams but hey, they can only beat the team in front of them. Excellent stuff from the Red Bulls as of late, but at what point will they run out of steam? Losing Agudelo, who was rotting on the bench, and gaining Pearce will also reinforce their back four significantly.

Almost Elite

Sporting Kansas City

Sporting's defense lately has been very sketchy, the latest episode saw them drop a two-goal lead against a mediocre Colorado side. This is four straight weeks of uninspiring results; makes you wonder about that hot start.Lots of defensive miscues the past month.

D.C. United

DC was the latest team to put sacrificial lamb TFC to the sword. It's hard to praise United for slaughtering a defenseless Canadian offering, but they did they job they had to do. Nice way to bounce back from their loss against Houston.

Chicago Fire

Just when they were about to get promoted in our rankings they drop a match to Portland. It's not all awful, the goal that lost them the game was an own goal, and every team loses every now and then. It's going to be tough to get a result at their home field.

The MLS Middle Class

Vancouver Whitecaps

Managing to tie Seattle is a good way to legitimize your efforts this season, it's extra-nice to be able to deny them any sort of Cascadia Cup, albeit temporarily.

Colorado Rapids

The Rapids have definitely been playing more technically proficient soccer, but so far it hasn't resulted in a great season. Sadly they are still doing better than FC Dallas, but I can't help but feel happy for Oscar.

Montreal Impact

It's okay to lose to New York, Montreal. Everyone is losing to New York.

Houston Dynamo

A road draw and two goals? Does Will Bruin finally get back on track and start scoring? It's Houston so let's hope not.

Columbus Crew

The Crew traveled and tied the mighty Quakes. This might be the beginning of a resurgence for the Crew, or is it a short blip?

New England Revolution

Saer Sene is starting to look like it's coming together for him, and with the the Revs' chances increase considerably.

Portland Timbers (PROMOTED)

They beat the fire, though again this is another victory bought with an own goal. Doesn't matter to the Timbers though, and they get promoted primarily as a reward for not losing again.


There can be few things better for longtime Chivas fans to see their team acquire Califf and Agudelo, followed by beating the hated Galaxy. With Dan "Iron Curtain" Kennedy anchoring the back, this Chivas team has serious potential.


FC Dallas

Again this was a case of Dallas not looking bad and in fact being pretty solid for stretches of time, and not being able to protect the lead.

LA Galaxy

Oh my. Chivas? CHIVAS? I realize they're a better side this year but that's the one thing LA has been able to count on the past few years, beating Chivas. Embarrassing times for the Galaxy.

Philadelphia Union (PROMOTED)

You can't hate the Union. They're barely treading water but they have acquired a good player in Michael Lahoud (who really shouldn't be able to play this week) and will be able to contend more competently.I say this, but the Union have been very weak this season, so we will see if the new personnel and some momentum will be able to do it for Nowak's men.

The Aron Winter Award for Excellence in Failure

Toronto FC

Enough said.