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FC Dallas News Update 5/21


First off, a public service announcement, there are about 50 tickets left in the away section for FCD at Houston. If you want to go, call Vanessa at 713-276-7515 to get your tickets. The buses are sold out, but you can still drive your damn self to the game.

So there's that. Pertuz out for a month. Might I remind you when Lahoud made that tackle he was sitting on a yellow when he made the tackle while no foul was called or card issued. Sigh...

The injury doesn't actually hurt FCD that bad, however, as Zach Loyd returns from suspension at right back on Wednesday so only the depth is tested. There are no backup center backs left uninjured now, however.

Moving on and Steve Hunt had a very interesting pre-game article to the Philadelphia game in which Schellas Hyndman talks about Brek Shea's suspension

“He feels like he’s letting people down,” Hyndman said of Shea. “He’s letting himself down, the fans down. Before you can make a correction of mentality, you have to first say, ‘I’m accountable.’ And I think he’s gotten to that point.”

Brek Shea's latest blog for talks about George John and he wants your questions.

George is one of our best defenders and he went on trial with West Ham United. When he came back, it took some time to adjust but he enjoyed his time there and has no regrets. Normally, we might even prank a guy after a spell like that but not George. He's way too nice of a guy.

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Kyle McCarthy's Monday MLS Breakdown is always worth checking out

Hans Backe's side extended its winning streak to five matches (tying a club record set in 2003) with a typically dogged 2-1 victory at Montreal. Both sides benefited from soft penalty awards in the first half (with New York particularly slighted by the incredibly harsh handling call assessed against Markus Holgersson by the debuting Ismail Elfath), but Dane Richards separated the sides by striking as the Red Bulls came to grips with Victor Palsson's second-half dismissal for two bookable offenses.

You can also learn yourself up on the MLS weekend from Drew Epperley's recap

Say what you will about Chivas this season, these two moves made last week certainly shook up their lineup and in the process may have shaken up the Western Conference race. Agudelo will be out for a couple weeks with the US National Team but you have to bet that once everyone is on the same page, this Chivas squad could be very dangerous going forward.

Blas Perez talked to recently about how his time in Dallas is going

I've always decided to go wherever I feel there's a challenge for me. I did it in Colombia, in Mexico, even in the Mexican second division. If I do well or poorly, it doesn't matter as long as I challenge myself. I've never wanted to feel comfortable. Here in the United States there are a lot of Panamanians and they're happy with me."

Todd Date has a great quote from Schellas post-game about his team being fighters and not victims.

“The thing we have to do is we have to continue to keep our heads up and continue to compete. We talk about the ball not bouncing our way. We talk about the calls not going our way. We talk about we got more suspensions than anybody in the league. We talk about the cards that aren’t going on our way. When we do have a referee that’s willing to give out the cards, it seems they go against us. So when you talk about all those things, you talk about a victim because that’s what victims do, they make excuses and they point fingers at someone else,” Hyndman said. “We want to be fighters. We want to come out and compete and compete and compete.”

He also notes that FCD could be on the verge of history...and not in a good way.

Other than the opening of Pizza Hut Park, the 2005 season was one to pretty much forget for FC Dallas fans. Besides FCD finishing second in the Western Conference with 48 points before bowing out in the opening round of the playoffs to Colorado in heartbreaking fashion, that season also ranks as memorable in another respect as it was during ’05 that Dallas went 10 games without a win, a streak that ranks as the longest in franchise history.

Soccer365 has a neat feature on Ruben Luna

“At that early age, you could just see that he understood the game better than everybody else that was on the field,” Darrin Hedges said. “And he just had the determination unlike any other kids that were out on the field. It was just very apparent that the boy had soccer in his blood.”

Jonathan Tannenwald recently took a trip behind the scenes of an ESPN MLS game production and wrote a fascinating article about it

First, a few numbers. ESPN's total broadcast crew for a Major League Soccer game usually comprises about 50 people. Approximately 25 of them work in the truck, depending on the scale of the production, and a New York-Philadelphia game is a pretty big deal.

And finally speaking of must read articles, ESPN has a brilliant feature on Bob Bradley. It's long but just read it.