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Post-game thoughts

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So much emotion in one picture
So much emotion in one picture

My post-game thoughts on another frustrating evening.

Same problems It's the exact same thing in every game right now. FCD plays well defensively, tries to attack down the wings, takes a first half lead, leaves a gaping hole in the middle of the attacking third, has a defensive lapse and gives away points. The effort is there, but the results are not at the moment and while we all believe FCD has a run in them, are the leaving it too late?

Injuries aren't really an excuse when Philadelphia was playing a back four with three outside backs and a defensive midfielder as well as a hobbled backup goalkeeper on his MLS debut. It should also be noted that Philadelphia was 0-5 this season after giving up the first goal, one of just a few MLS teams that did not have a point after going behind in a match this season.

Midfield trio I thought the central midfield trio of Marcelin, Jacobson and Hernadez was pretty decent. Obviously it's not one you're going to see after these next two games with at least Villar returning to things by the Houston game, but it was very good defensively. The only Philadelphia goal came from a lapse out on the wing and Marcelin/Hernandez cut just about everything out leaving the Union to deal hopeful balls over the top that Hedges and John mostly gobbled up.

Andrew Jacobson had a very nice first half, getting forward well and nearly grabbing a couple goals. Unfortunately he couldn't replicate that performance in the second half as he seemed to tire, understandably, and I would've liked to have seen Bruno Guarda given the last ten minutes of the game in place of AJ.

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How to fix this thing? I really just don't know at this point other than getting all your players back on the pitch. It's tough to keep saying this as the poor results pile up, but does anyone think Dallas doesn't win this game with Shea, Castillo and Ferreira in there. Right now, it's just try to find some points out of the next two games this week then rest and regroup with two weeks off before your next game. Sneaking a win out of Chicago would be huge, but it's tough to be optimistic for that at this point

One bright spot I thought Bryan Leyva was fantastic tonight in his first game in almost two months. He was active, linked up well with Benitez and Jacobson while his set piece service was above average, certainly for this team. Leyva is still barely 20 years old and when this team is healthy he looks like a guy who can be a real offensive impact sub for the rest of the season and compete for a starting spot next year. Schellas had very good things to say about his performance.

What a nice performance from Bryan Leyva, a player who was coming along for us, and then picked up an injury. Now, he's coming back and getting his rhthym. I thought he played very well. He was composed and was able to make some very good passes. He's a player that, if he can continue to get more playing time, he can compete for a starting position on this team.

Scattershooting Getting three points from the next two games would be massive...Rodriguez really had a shocker last night and looked horribly rusty...Lahoud should've been off, that's a yellow card everywhere in the world...The attitude and work rate are there, just not enough creativity in midfield when you get past the starters...Still keeping the faith...Season starts again in Houston.