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Game Grades: FC Dallas 1 New England Revolution 0


Kevin Hartman - Really good stuff from the man between the pipes. He had several top notch saves and fully deserved the clean sheet. Thanks to the guys in front of him, he did not have to face anything too crazy, but that may also be because the veteran made his job look much easier than it was. Game Grade: 7.5

Hernan Pertuz - This guy is one of the best standing tacklers I have seen in a while. Just when I think he's been beaten, he comes out of there with the ball. He also has me considering just copying and pasting my analysis of his passing every week. He looked very comfortable to me playing his third position in five games. Game Grade: 7

George John - There is not much to complain about from his 71 minutes. He had a few silly passes that I thought were unforced, but that's all there really was. I hope the birds circling his head eventually fly away so he can remember his zip code. Gee thanks, Lee Nguyen. Game Grade: 6.5

Ugo Ihemelu - What more do you want from the skipper? He saved the day in superhero fashion not only with his three-point-grabbing header, but with a couple of important stops defensively. I can't name 3 better CB's in the MLS right now (especially since Omar Gonzalez is currently out of commission). Great for his defensive unit to bounce back from the D.C. disaster. Game Grade: 9 (Man of the Match)

Zach Loyd - Terrific match in a new role for the defender. I think he definitely helped FCD's attack by pushing up his touch line. His distribution was quite good, with many of his successful passes going forward. Oh yeah, he also provided the game winning assist, on which I think he used a scope to put it right on his captain's head. Game Grade: 7.5

Andrew Jacobson - Big time improvement from the previous three games. Filling in for the suspended Daniel Hernandez at defensive mid, he started off a little shaky, but eventually figured it out and provided some very big stops and much needed pressure. He was also strong in the air. Still lost the ball more than I like to see, but by the end of the game he was in the zone. Game Grade: 6.5

Brek Shea - He still has yet to completely show up. His performance was better than his one at RFK last Friday, but just lacked that edge that we all know he possesses. He continued to sling in his crosses to his apparent imaginary friend, and he lost the ball a few too many times on 1v1's. Unfortunately, Matt Reis was equal to his well placed shot. I'm not worried about Brek, though. He showed in this match that he is knocking on the door of MLS domination. Game Grade: 5

Carlos Rodriguez - Not bad for a left back playing right mid. To be so small, I have no idea how he held the ball as well as he did several times. I thought his distribution was really good, which is proven by his chalkboard. He was also fairly effective in the area, and almost supplied Blas Perez with a sneaky assist. I do think he drifted to the center a little too much, which may be the reason hardly any crosses came from him. Game Grade: 5.5

Ricardo Villar - If it were fair, I would give him a 10 for surviving a nasty one from Shalrie Joseph. Instead, I'll grade his lack of impact on... well, any part of this match. With the exception of his missed shot (which I honestly believe 90 percent of those who read this could have made), he really just pointlessly ran around the pitch. I don't want to be too hard on the guy, though. I'm sure he had a plan, his teammates just didn't know about it. Game Grade: 4.5

Fabian Castillo - This just in: This kid has bags of pace! Seriously though, I already believed that there are maybe two players in the MLS that can run with him (there are probably zero, but I'll say two to be safe), but his time away caused me to forget a little. What a great asset to have on the pitch. The respect he demanded drove the FCD attack. I just don't think his soccer brain is as fast as his legs are. He still lacked that level of decisiveness in the area that will place him among the best. Game Grade: 7

Blas Perez - I'm not sure he was ready to have a partner up top with him just yet. What he did, he did just fine. It's what I didn't see him do that lowered his grade. I know the team's crossing was subpar, but maybe that's because their big #9 wasn't where he should have been. Just something to think about. Nothing wrong with his ability to hold the ball, though. He also managed - once again - to help set up a goal by getting fouled in a dangerous spot. Game Grade: 6

Bobby Warshaw - It seems he came on just as New England was starting to somewhat gain momentum, to which he responded decently. He won some important 50/50's and he was calm and confident on the ball the handful of times he had it. His defending was night and day to his game in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago. Game Grade: 5.5

Matt Hedges - I couldn't tell where George John ended and Matt Hedges began. That's how seamless that substitution was. He was in the right place at the right time almost always, with just one slip-up that I saw when Ryan Guy had beaten him and Ihemelu had to close it down. The promising rookie also nearly snatched a goal in his first minutes as a professional. Good work rate and a hard fighter. I've always heard that it's very difficult for a defender to come in late in the game and adjust to the flow, but he adapted very well. Game Grade: 6