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Quick Thought On Perea

Luis Perea's one big game, a reserve feature against RSL. (Photo via
Luis Perea's one big game, a reserve feature against RSL. (Photo via

Daniel dropped the news yesterday and today it became official, FC Dallas and Colombian Luis Perea agreed to go their separate ways as Perea's contract was terminated.

The club said it was mutual even though the striker played in two games since joining the team in March. Perea has returned to his previous club Universidad San Martin de Porres who had folded but now appear back in action.

What but does this move really say about the current state of things with the club? Also, what does this move really say about new technical director Fernando Clavijo? Finally, does unloading him this quickly mean the club was too quick to sign him in the first place?

Yeah, lots of interesting questions to ask and I know some of you did so yesterday evening.

My first thought was that since they were quick to let him go it meant they understood the one thing everyone has been saying about them for a month now, the midfield lacks the depth to compete. Simple as that. Instead of keeping a young striker with plenty of upside, it was obvious to let him go since he, as Daniel paraphrased Schellas Hyndman on Twitter this morning, "wasn't a good fit".

Thinking about it some more Dallas already has two or three young strikers with plenty of potential (Ruben Luna, Jonathan Top and even Fabian Castillo).

For the most part I don't see this quick move as anything to make me think differently of Clavijo.

Time for Hyndman and Clavijo to focus on what the club really needs, help in the midfield. With David Ferreira on the shelf until at least June, finding someone to help the attack in the midfield is priority one. Obviously not losing Brek Shea to the Olympics helps but the club also needs the Shea of last summer to show up again here.

I don't think it is time to jump off the deep end just yet. Dallas typically has slow starts, followed by some issue that pops up. Under Hyndman though the team always bounces back in the months of April, May and June. It is really only a matter of time before it happens.