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FC Dallas Player of the Month: April 2012

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The draw last night in LA brought the month of April to a close for FC Dallas. It was a busy month with five games played, going 2-1-2 while scoring five goals and allowing four. While last month was pretty much a slam dunk to award player of the month to Blas Perez, I think it's much more wide open this month which should make for a fun vote. The candidates:

Brek Shea

The winger from College Station had his best month for FC Dallas in awhile scoring three goals in five games played, though two of those goals were penalty kicks. Shea's play was a big part of the two wins at the start of the month, while he has picked things up majorly after the disappointment of not qualifying for the Olympics. One of the best things about it is that you still have to feel like he hasn't even come close to his ceiling.

Daniel Hernandez

It won't show up on any stat sheets, but Hernandez had a really nice month of April. Being put in a tough position with a changing guard of central midfielders playing next to him, the former team captain enjoyed a quietly very solid month with composed play on the ball and smart passing. His free kick service may keep him from winning, but I think he deserves some recognition.

Two more entries including one that may surprise you after the jump

Blas Perez

Super Raton had another extremely solid month in April with a goal and an assist, plus his hustling play earned FC Dallas the penalty kick in Los Angeles. Considering that Dallas really hasn't found the exact way to get him the best service, I think Perez has been surviving simply on hard work which makes you wonder how this thing can go once Ferreira is back.

Chris Seitz

Even just a little over a week ago, it would've been nuts to think Seitz would be seen here, but there can be no doubt that he earned Dallas a couple points over the last week. He had at least a couple very solid saves in each game and if he had another couple games in goal in April, he may have earned the award. It's got to be so uplifting for Seitz to be back to a level that he's always had the potential for.

So who wins the award this month?