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Colombian Forward Luis Perea Returning to Peru

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Some bad news has broken out of Peru as Colombian forward Luis Perea is set to return to Peruvian club Universidad San Martin who is back in business. The departure of FCD dallas #2 forward leaves a hole on the roster at backup forward and means that homegrown signing Ruben Luna is once again a very important player in this thing and should be back on the gameday roster this weekend. It also puts an unfortunate dent in a possible move to 4-4-2.

Perea's time in Dallas ends after just two substitute appearances and comes as quite the surprise. Perhaps tomorrow at practice Schellas Hyndman will shed more light on what happened with the Perea situation, but for now his and Fernando Clavijo's task becomes to find another forward option, either domestically or internationally, with 12 days before the MLS international transfer window closes on April 15.