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Dallas Cup Super Group Day 2 Recap

It was a fantastic second day out at Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXIII and the game of the day involved Everton FC vs J. League champions Kashiwa Reysol. Needing a win to basically advance to the semifinals, Everton jumped out to a quick lead and eventually were up 3-1 after about 35 minutes of play. That's where things got nuts.

Kashiwa scored quickly after Everton's 3rd goal prompting one of the coaches to yell "If we keep this up, we're going to lose 5-3!"...he wasn't too far off. The Japanese side completed a fantastic comeback in the second half to win 4-3 and send the group into haywire. While Kashiwa were physically inferior to the English side, they were tactically fantastic and deserved their win. What a game and what a great start to the day. On the other half of the bracket, Coritiba of Brazil blasted Club Bolivar 7-0 to get back into contention.

The rest of the results including FC Dallas vs Tigres and group standings after the jump

FC Dallas, playing a depleted Tigres side from the one that defeated them 5-0 in the Super Group semifinals last year, were able to exact some revenge on the Mexican side winning 1-0 to keep themselves alive in the group. Manchester United became the only team to go 2-0 as they beat last-minute entrants Sporting Santa Clara by the score of 5-2.

In the other bracket, Dallas Texans held on for a 0-0 draw against a Mexico U20 side playing with ten men for the entire second half in what was an extremely chippy game. German Dallas Cup regulars Eintracht Frankfurt put themselves back into semifinal contention with a 2-1 come from behind victory over Paris Saint Germain.

Group Standings

Reminder: The group winners & highest ranked second place team advance to the semifinals. First tiebreaker is goal difference, then goals scored then head to head. All teams have played 2 games except Tigres vs Sporting Santa Clara which will be played tomorrow.

Group A

Manchester United 6 points 7 goals for 2 goals against

FC Dallas 3 points 1 goal for 2 goals against

Tigres 0 points 0 goals for 1 goal against

Sporting Santa Clara 0 points 2 goals for 5 goals against

Group B

Dallas Texans 4 points 3 goals for 1 goal against

Mexico U20 4 points 2 goals for 1 goal against

Eintracht Frankfurt 3 points 3 goals for 4 goals against

Paris Saint-Germain 0 points 2 goals for 4 goals against

Group C

Kashiwa Reysol 4 points 5 goals for 4 goals against

Coritiba FC 3 points 7 goals for 1 goal against

Everton FC 3 points 4 goals for 4 goals against

Club Bolivar 1 point 1 goal for 8 goals against

Upcoming Schedule


Sporting Santa Clara vs Tigres 2 PM FCD Field #6


12pm Everton FC vs Club Bolivar FCD Field #7

2PM Coritiba FC vs Kashiwa Reysol FCD Field #6

4PM FC Dallas vs Sporting Santa Clara FCD Field #6

4PM Paris Saint-Germain vs Dallas Texans FCD Field #7

630PM Eintracht Frankfurt vs Mexico U20 630PM FC Dallas Stadium

830PM Manchester United vs Tigres 830PM FC Dallas Stadium