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Thoughts on Saturday's Draw

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Having watched the game in it's entirety, I've got a few thoughts from an immensely interesting game. I'll start out with the negatives and end with the positives.

Benitez Blunders I got a lot of angry comments towards Benitez on Twitter last night and he certainly didn't have a very good game. Perhaps the worst part was his blunders were very public in the sense that I think that a lot of times poor play can be masked as the first or second play in a string that led to a goal, but for Benitez, his errors were very apparent. Could we see a return to the Loyd-Ugo-John-Pertuz back four on Sunday against Colorado?

Simply put, Landon Donovan fed him his dinner last night to the point that Schellas moved Benitez forward late in the game, moving Loyd over the left back(a move also brought on by a niggling turf toe that Brek Shea has been struggling with). However...

Subpar game from Ugo I'm seeing a disturbing trend in the past two games and that is when a ball is that when Hernandez moves up for whatever reason and a ball is played into the pocket behind him, Ihemelu is stepping up to cut it out and being beaten to the ball. It happened at least three times I can remember yesterday and it seems like every single time it happens, it leads to a quality chance for the opposition. It's exactly what happened on the RSL goal and it's something to watch in upcoming games. Ugo isn't a guy I worry about though. On the flip side...

George John's best game in a long long time. I want to save a lot of my comments on his performance for my Scratching The Chalkboard feature because there's a lot of ways to quantify how good he was last night from the OPTA stats. He was absolutely everywhere last night, cutting out passes, strong in the air and hardly putting a foot wrong. It's taken him about 6 weeks, as you'd expect from a guy who arrived a week before the season started, but George is getting back to that form that's put him on the USMNT radar.

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Seitz impresses again Possibly the best underdog story of 2012 so far is the play of Chris Seitz this past week. Three games played with 3 goals allowed (none of which he could have done anything about) and numerous huge saves. He's playing with an enormous amount of confidence right now which is great to see.

Free kick service was better The free kick service from Hernandez was much, much better last night. Pretty much every corner was past the first defender and two of them were nearly headed in. If we're going to be critical of Danny when the service isn't there, you've got to praise him when it is good and I thought for the most part it was good last night. That's not to say they don't need to find a FK specialist though.

Scattershooting Surely Castillo drops to the bench when Villar returns. 0 goals & 1 assist isn't enough right now...I think Blas is still running around the HDC pitch...It's nice to have Jackson's crazy game back...David Beckham is one of the top 3 players in MLS right now and anyone who thinks he couldn't contribute to the GB Olympic Team is not watching the games...12 points from 9 games including 6 against MLS top 10 teams isn't bad at all...only 3 games against MLS top 10 teams in the next 9 games. A run is coming...