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Dallas Sidekicks Returning This November

There have been rumors for a couple years now that the Dallas Sidekicks would be returning to indoor soccer play, but never anything definite. Well yesterday it was announced that the Dallas Sidekicks will be returning this fall to play at the Allen Event Center, a roughly 6,000 seat multi-purpose venue, home of the Allen Americans hockey team and Allen Wranglers indoor football team.

Perhaps the coolest part of all this is Tatu, the shirt waving heart of the Sidekicks, will be their coach and general manager. What has not been released yet is what league the Sidekicks are joining, though the 7-team MISL seems like the most likely candidate. EDIT: A document posted on BigSoccer shows that the Sidekicks are joining the PASL

The Dallas Sidekicks and Allen Event Center have invited the public to a press conference on Tuesday, May 1 at 2PM inside the AEC where all details will be announced.

I've got to say, this is pretty cool news. The Sidekicks were an institution in this town for well over a decade and having some footie to watch in the winter time will be a nice fix from the MLS doldrums.

You can follow Sidekicks details on Twitter @GoSidekicks and

After the jump, a YouTube walk down memory lane

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