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Game Grades: D.C. United 4 FC Dallas 1

Mar 30, 2012; Washington, DC, USA; FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea (20) beats DC United defender Brandon McDonald (4) to the ball during the second half at RFK Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE
Mar 30, 2012; Washington, DC, USA; FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea (20) beats DC United defender Brandon McDonald (4) to the ball during the second half at RFK Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

Kevin Hartman - Not necessarily a bad outing for El Gato, despite his goal being breached four times. Much of the blame is on his team's defensive effort as you will see from their grades. He had four good saves and really did all he could -as long as he could- to keep his team in it. However, allowing four goals should probably never warrant a great grade. Game Grade: 6

Zach Loyd - By far his worst game of the season, possibly career. He did not mark well and his distribution was as bad as I have ever seen from him. Apparently, he also brought two pairs of unlucky boots to this game. He was slipping and sliding all over in the first pair and two minutes after he changed them, D.C United scored... just sayin'. Game Grade: 4

Ugo Ihemelu - I am not sure he was fully ready for what DCU brought to the table in this one. He did some good things, but from what I saw, he wandered off a few too many times. One of which was on the throw in that eventually turned in to Danny Cruz's goal. As the captain and defensive leader, he has to organize his guys much better than a team that gives up four goals. Game Grade: 5

Hernan Pertuz - I was regrettably waiting for his first not-so-great game, and it happened. He too, was not up to the task of shutting down the poised home side. His distribution was pretty much flawless again, but like Ihemelu, he drifted away from his responsibility in search of an answer. Game Grade: 5

Jair Benitez - He was a case of wrong place, wrong time on a couple of costly occasions. I do not think he had a terribly bad game contrary to what many of you probably think. He was caught in front of the goal covering for AWOL Ihemelu and Pertuz far more times than he should have been. However, while there, he could have done a lot more. He did not care enough to even challenge on Maicon Santos' second goal, but I will say if you watch it again... Santos was offside. Game Grade: 4.5

Daniel Hernandez - I'll just get right to it. Hernandez did not deserve either card. There were much worse challenges that failed to even get a whistle. Also, when did shoving a player during stopped play become just a yellow? Oh, maybe when Don Garber's favorite player Dwayne De Rosario does it. Back to DH now. Once again, he really didn't serve as that necessary first line of defense. He gave too much space to DCU and was caught chasing from behind more than usual. Game Grade: 4

Andrew Jacobson - In the important position he is playing, FCD needs much more out of him. According to his chalkboard, he was tackled and lost possession 24 times, which was even more than his 22 unsuccessful passes. Of course center mids lose the ball, but these numbers are atrocious. If a player loses the ball that many times, he better have two assists or a goal to make up for it. Not Jacobson. I am close to betting he fails to tally this season, but I refuse to wish something negative for any FC Dallas player. Pick it up, A.J.!! Game Grade: 3

Brek Shea - After a tough week of attempting to reach USA U-23 success and stardom, the youngster failed to make a positive mark on this match that was worth anything. He did manage to show flashes of being a menace to defenses like he is known for. However, he is in a bad streak of passing when he should shoot and shooting when he should pass. He also threw up too many aimless crosses without even peeking up to see if anybody was there to receive them. Game Grade: 4

Carlos Rodriguez - It was clear to me that he was playing with some tired legs. After all, he played 90 minutes in Panama's Olympic qualifier against Mexico U-23 just three days earlier. I refuse to blame his decision making, or lack thereof on tired legs, though. He kept the ball at his feet for too long just about every time he had it. Maybe it was just the defender in him that caused that to happen, but whatever it is; it cannot happen. Game Grade: 3

Ricardo Villar - He started off very well and almost got him an early goal, but after Dallas' lack of possession continued to mount, Villar's potency went with it. It was very much like his game against Portland Timbers. He just seems to fade off the radar when FCD's offense does the same. I don't remember any of that happening to this extent when David Ferreira was on the pitch. I will say that the drop off was not a result of his work rate. He was sometimes the only midfielder not ball watching. Game Grade: 5.5

Blas Perez - He continued his streak of helping his squad dodge being ‘nilled'. It was clear to see that this guy operates on a much higher level than his peers. Despite not being helped much by his wingers and center mids, he still continued to be dangerous while on his island up top. Not his best game, but not a bad one in any way. Game Grade: 6.5 (Man of the Match)

Bryan Leyva - He did not see much of the ball after coming on, but when he did see it, he did not do much with it. He managed to get a decent shot off that was certainly headed for the goal before being blocked. The match was already a lost cause during his 21 minutes, but he certainly has the talent to possess the ball better than he did. Game Grade: 3

Luis Perea - Like Leyva, his limited minutes were in vain. What he did, he did well, but the fact that there was not a lot to grade may be something to grade in itself. It was enough, however, to show me that the Columbian could definitely be a good pick up. He displayed some really nice passing touch and looks to possess a lot of pace for a big guy. If I were Schellas Hyndman, it would be hard for me to stick with a lone striker. Perea and Perez up top together is an extremely attractive option. Game Grade: 5