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Game Grades: FC Dallas 2 Montreal Impact 1

FRISCO, TX - APRIL 14:   Blas Perez #9 of FC Dallas controls the ball against the Montreal Impact at FC Dallas Stadium on April 14, 2012 in Frisco, Texas.  Dallas defeated Montreal 2-1.  (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
FRISCO, TX - APRIL 14: Blas Perez #9 of FC Dallas controls the ball against the Montreal Impact at FC Dallas Stadium on April 14, 2012 in Frisco, Texas. Dallas defeated Montreal 2-1. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
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Kevin Hartman - The reliable keeper probably spent most of his energy for the first hour of play trying to stay awake after Montreal failed to put anything on target until Bernardo Corradi's PK. The last 15 minutes were another story for Hartman. Thankfully he engaged force field mode and kept four late shots out of his net. Game Grade: 6.5

Zach Loyd - He had one of his roughest outings in the first half. Defensively, he was beaten a few times and the wind got the better of far too many of his crosses. He redeemed himself in the second half, not so much defensively, but mostly with the attacking support he offered on that right flank. Game Grade: 6

George John - The big defenders' performance was summed up by a couple of low moments and a couple of clutch moments. His low moments were being beaten down ‘Highway 1' more times than I am comfortable with. Luckily, his rather athletic captain was usually there to save the day. His clutch moments were a recovery that included a magical slide tackle, and his header off the bar that eventually became the equalizer. Game Grade: 6.5

Ugo Ihemelu - Another top-class performance from the skipper. He bailed out his fellow defenders time after time and continued his streak of pouncing on just about everything that came in his clearly marked territory. He was also as solid as ever with his distribution, rarely giving up possession cheaply. Game Grade: 7.5

Hernan Pertuz - His stats are not a good judge of his 45 minutes. I thought he defended sufficiently and popped up in some important spots to end Montreal's run of play. His uncharacteristic distribution numbers are indeed hideous, but like Loyd's, are mostly a product of trying to figure out a fierce tailwind. Game Grade: 5.5

Daniel Hernandez - The veteran had an overall solid performance after returning from his one-match suspension. He broke up several plays, distributed the ball effectively, and looked fairly close to what he looked like in previous seasons. His set pieces were also an improvement. Maybe the week off was just what his ever-aging body needed. Game Grade: 6

Carlos Rodriguez - It seems the young Panamanian is getting more comfortable every week, no matter what position he happens to be playing. Once again, his work rate was phenomenal, he held the ball extremely well, and his passing was some of the best on the pitch. The more roles he proves to be effective at just make this team that much deeper. Game Grade: 7

Brek Shea - After a rather lackluster first half from him, I was almost ready to accept a continuation of underperformance. But apparently, he prefers the wind to be blowing directly into his dyed mohawk as opposed to from the rear. Speaking of rear, did I see an Inferno member hugging Shea's after his beast mode game winner? No shame in that. I bet every single one of us would have done the same given the circumstance. Thank you, Brek, for one of the greatest moments in FC Dallas history. Game Grade: 7.5

Andrew Jacobson - If he is still alive after the abuse he received in his 45 minutes, he probably deserves a good grade... and a day off. There's really not much to grade in terms of performance since he spent most of his playing time either face-down on the pitch or struggling to get up off of it. His beating did win his team four fouls and a yellow card, I guess. Here's to a speedy recovery, A.J. Game Grade: 5

Fabian Castillo - If he could finish as good as he can move his legs; FC Dallas would never lose and he would get a 10 every match. Instead, he continued to struggle a little with finding the back of the net, along with the oh-so important aspect of decisiveness in the area. Although, his perfect pass to slot in Shea for the winner suggests that he is at least capable. Game Grade: 7

Blas Perez - I watched him closely in an attempt to decide if he is to some degree at fault for the seemingly errant crosses from his teammates. However, I think the windy conditions may have caused the tactic of crossing to not be the flavor of the day, so results are inconclusive. I did, however, get to witness him be at the perfect place at the perfect time, not once... but twice. The first was the equalizer and the second was his flick header to Castillo, who assisted Shea in his heroic moment. Bottom line, Super Raton knows how to help his team avoid a goose egg, and it is awesome to watch. Game Grade: 8 (Man of the Match)

Bobby Warshaw - His best minutes as a professional. I know, I know. I am fully aware of his game-winning header in Kansas City last season, but he was on another level Saturday night. He was reading the flow, popping up defensively, making himself available, and was near flawless with distribution. I wouldn't say he has arrived - just yet - but he certainly knew what he needed to do against this particular expansion team. Game Grade: 6.5

Bruno Guarda - Boy am I glad to see him back in the picture. Schellas Hyndman got a very solid half out of the midfielder. As good as it was going for him; I expected either a goal or an assist. Too bad neither happened, but he was a very effective link on some dangerous attacks. He held the ball well, tracked back to provide defense when necessary, and made some really smart runs... one of which almost earned a PK. I think he is a realistic option for the absent Villar. Game Grade: 6.5