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Epic Win: FC Dallas Shocks Montreal Impact

BFF (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
BFF (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
Getty Images

In April it doesn't really matter how you get the points as long as you get them and tonight FC Dallas came back from a goal down to beat the Montreal Impact with two goals in the last 15 minutes. Dallas was put behind the eight ball as referee Ramon Hernandez whistled Zach Loyd for a shocking penalty that Bernardo Corradi converted in the 61st minute.

However, Dallas displayed that "Refuse To Lose" mentality and found goals in the 77th minute from Blas Perez and the 88th minute from Brek Shea to complete the comeback and seal the second straight late-drama winner. With the win, FC Dallas moves into a tie for 4th place in the standings while gaining three points on Real Salt Lake and two points on San Jose Earthquakes.

I'd love to provide some analysis but I've pretty much got nothing tonight so you're going to have to do it on this one. All I can say is Refuse.To.Lose....and what a fantastic crowd tonight. Over 16,000 for a regular Saturday night game against an expansion team? Perhaps this thing is finally turning a corner attendance-wise, credit to everyone involved with getting the house packed for this dramatic winner.

Post-game quotes from FC Dallas and Montreal Impact after the jump

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

On injuries forcing second-half subs for Jacobson and Pertuz…

As it turns out Bobby Warshaw came in and Bruno Guarda came in and Carlos [Rodriguez] went back to left back. I thought they all did a good job with it. What it did was it got us back to a 4-1-4-1, where we are a little bit more comfortable. The game changed for us in positive ways because we started controlling the midfield a little bit better. Again, excellent goals. When you put balls in the box, good things happen. George [John] had a great header that gave us a chance to get the rebound, which Blas did to make it 1-1. And then you think do we keep pushing? Do you sit back and say, hey, we’re happy to have the one point? Well these guys want to push, so we kept going and created more opportunities. Fabian [Castillo] had a great chance. He missed it, but what a wonderful ball he wound up giving to Brek [Shea] for the game-winner.

So, a very good result for us playing a very good team that is still trying to find their way. [Montreal] is a team that you can see the expressions on their faces after the game that this is something they hate and it’s happening more and more to them. Hopefully, they’ll bounce on and get it back.

On the penalty kick call…

It’s a tough place for me to be because I’m sitting 50-yards away and I don’t have a really good view. I thought they had a couple of players against George [John] and I thought George really worked hard getting to the ball. If there was any contact, I didn’t see it, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any contact.

On Blas Perez…

You can imagine what it would have been like for us to have had him on the team last year. We worked awfully hard trying to get him. Finally, it worked out and he just got his third goal. What you see is a really talented player, getting good balls. He gave that ball for Castillo to go through, the one that he missed. He holds the ball very well. Usually when you’re the lone striker, you’ve got two people on top of you. He’s strong in the air. He has an unbelievable work ethic. You put all of these qualities together. He’s a pretty special player.

On Brek Shea’s first goal of 2012…

He’s been working really hard in training. It was really great to see him with that energy and what a great finish.

Midfielder Brek Shea

Talk about your goal
Zach [Loyd] threw it in to Blas [Perez]. Blas laid it off to Fabian [Castillo]. Fabian slipped me a ball inside, I just took a touch and passed it into the goal.

On the team’s second gear late in the matches recently

This team wants to win every game. When opposing teams get tired, our fitness level allows us to push a bit harder. It really just has to do with having the desire to win.

On getting his first goal of the season

It doesn’t really matter who is scoring the goals, as long as the team is getting wins. I am just glad the team won.

Forward Blas Perez

On the team not scoring until the second half in the past two games…

It is a little bit too much suffering for my liking, not being able to put anything together until the second half. That’s something that we need to work on. We need to be better there and get results in the first half.

On his goal…

It was a little bit of luck. I was just in the right spot to get the rebound when the ball came back off the crossbar. There was a very tight space there to put the ball, but fortunately I was able to fit it in there and get the ball into the back of the net. That goal gave us the energy and motivation to get back in the game and to push harder to try and get the win.

Midfielder Daniel Hernandez

On getting two late game-winners in a row

Good thing we got Ugo [Ihemelu] on the team. He scored that late goal against New England. Tonight really just showed the fight and heart of this team. We went down a goal in the second half, despite going against the wind. We played a better second half than the first. The most important thing is that we are finding ways to win. I was really proud of the guys for showing a lot of heart.

Montreal head coach Jesse Marsch

On coming out of halftime tied 0-0

We felt that we were in a good position because we were going to go with the wind in the second half and we got the go-ahead goal, but unfortunately we didn’t get to keep the lead.

On playing with the lead…

It’s something we need to work on. When we get the lead we just need to concentrate and keep our cool and relax. We got the lead and we were still in a rush and we didn’t settle down and take control of the game and we let Dallas back in the game.

On the first goal

It was a good header. It hit the crossbar and they were quick on the rebound, so it was a good goal.

His general thoughts on the team

It’s a work in progress. We’re a new team with different players. We have quality players. We just need to settle down and focus and get the job done. I think we are improving every game and we just need to improve a few things and we’ll be okay.

Montreal midfielder Davy Arnaud

On the foul to set up the penalty kick

The ball went wide and I tried to make a run to the back post in behind George John, the center back, and I looked like I was going to get to it. I don’t know who was behind me. I guess the defender was behind me. I didn’t see him. I never saw him. I felt contact. I felt the contact from behind and I went down and he made the call, but like I said I didn’t see the defender. I can’t tell you whether it was a bad call or not. I felt contact in the back and I was going to have a play on the ball and after the contact it took me off my run.

On giving up a late goal…

Once you score away from home and especially if you go up you know the home team is going to get after it a little more and press a little more. And they got a little momentum, but I still think we were pretty organized and we didn’t give away a ton of clear-cut chances. They had chances here and there, but I thought we played well enough to if not get three points, at least get a point. We just had a let down on a couple of set pieces and it killed us.

On the team’s position…

I don’t know if I’ve been a part of a team that has had so many good performances on the road and not gotten anything out of games. We’ve had some really good performances and I think anybody who watches us play knows that we’re very close. We know we still have work to do, but we believe in our group, man. We know that and people who watch us play know that we’re a tough team to play against. We just got to be better in important moments in the game.

Montreal defender Matteo Ferrari

General thoughts on the match

We played a great game for 75 minutes. We did what we have to do in the field. No good chance for them. Maybe no good chance for us, but I think when you are winning 1-0 after the first 75 minutes, you have to take points. We played 75 very good minutes and 15 went crazy. Very frustrating.

On suffering a late defeat…

When things happen like that it’s better to play very fast, very quick. Because like this you don’t have time to think about it. Tomorrow we start to think about the next game. The season is long. We have time to get points. For sure our position in the league is not our true position. I believe our team is much better than the points we have. We are close to do what we want. To be a good team. We are working for that.

Montreal defender Tyson Wahl

General thoughts on the match…

Obviously we were up to the task in the first half. We came out and played well. They were forcing balls because the wind was so strong and they weren’t really getting much out of it. We were pretty calm and worked hard to win a lot of balls and we had a good first half. On the flip side, our second half was actually okay. Just we got punished on a couple of bad plays. You have to be able to close out games. I think it’s just being mentally sharper in the final third in our own box where the game counts. That’s where games are won and lost. I think it’s just being sharper at those right moments and those important moments.

How close is the team to being where you want them to be…

I think we are really close. The last couple of games we’ve played really well. Last week we got the result against Toronto. We could have done better tonight. I thought we probably could have had the result. We just didn’t have it in the end. We are very close though.