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Report: Fernando Clavijo To Be Named Technical Director

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According to Steve Davis over at NBC Pro Soccer Talk, former Colorado Rapids head coach and current director of soccer for Traffic Sports Fernando Clavijo will be named FC Dallas Technical Director. Clavijo is a name very familiar to anyone who has followed FC Dallas in the years of 2005 & 2006 as his Rapids sides defeated FCD in the playoffs both seasons.

While his teams were generally good but never great, I believe bringing in Clavijo as technical director is an extremely shrewd move for Schellas Hyndman. What this move tells me is that Dallas is extremely serious in keeping their international focus on Latin America as Clavijo is one of the only guys in MLS circles that knows the region as well as Oscar Pareja.

Clavijo has been the director of soccer for Traffic Sports USA, a company focused on soccer marketing and player agency so he is absolutely connected in South America and will bring a wealth of knowledge to FC Dallas. This is very big and very important news for FC Dallas.