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Game Grades: Sporting Kansas City 2 FC Dallas 1

Mar 25, 2012; Kansas City, KS, USA; Sporting KC midfielder Roger Espinoza (15) and FC Dallas defender Zach Loyd (17) go for the ball in the second half at Livestrong Sporting Park. Kansas City won 2-0. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE
Mar 25, 2012; Kansas City, KS, USA; Sporting KC midfielder Roger Espinoza (15) and FC Dallas defender Zach Loyd (17) go for the ball in the second half at Livestrong Sporting Park. Kansas City won 2-0. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE

Kevin Hartman - The veteran played like he was on a mission in this one. This was his best game so far this season as he had to face a barrage of shots from his former club, including denying Kei Kamara's PK. Sporting Kansas City's first goal was not Hartman's fault, but to me, he could have sealed off the angle that Kamara took advantage of on the winner. Game Grade: 7.5 (Man of the Match)

Zach Loyd - Although he did some good things, he was beaten more times than usual. He also was not able to get forward as often. He did manage to come to the rescue with a diving header save late in the match, but overall he just did not dominate the right side like we have seen him do many times in his short career. Game Grade: 6.5

George John - In his first start of the season, he never really looked completely tuned in. His impact was minimal and his poor clearance to Chance Myers that led to the PK was SKC's most dangerous pass. He was also quite useless on the home side's first goal. He should have been responsible for marking Aurelien Collin; instead, he failed to mark anyone. Game Grade: 6

Ugo Ihemelu - Once again, the new captain had a solid 90 minutes with a few important tackles. However, he was at fault to some extent for Kamara's winner. Credit to SKC for a great run of play, but Ihemelu certainly has the ability to do more than he did on that one. He also got away with a questionable challenge in the box, which on any other day, could be costly. Game Grade: 6

Hernan Pertuz - The Colombian did a fair job filling in at left back. He stopped just about everything, with the exception of being beaten by Myers on the game-deciding cross. Pertuz showed once again that he is one of the teams' best passers, which was confirmed by Opta's Chalkboard. Defensively he was good, but -understandably- was not the offensive threat that Benitez is at left back. Game Grade: 6.5

Bryan Leyva - The homegrown player continued to impress in his second start of his career. He definitely did far more right than wrong during his 70 minutes. He also offered a decent effort defensively, which was a question in the Portland match. His stats might not be impressive, but he certainly was one of the most skillful players with the ball at his feet, and supplied a couple of dangerous passes in attack. Game Grade: 6

Daniel Hernandez - The midfielder had very good first half until his unnecessary foul seconds before the break helped set up SKC's equalizer. In the second half, his distribution suffered with several low-percentage one touch passes. His ill-advised 30+ yard shot near the end of the game just summed up his second half. Game Grade: 5.5

Andrew Jacobson - For the second week in a row, Jacobson failed to provide a substantial positive impact on the match for his club. There seemed to be a severe drop off in FC Dallas' attack after he pushed up to take Ricardo Villar's spot. I hate to say it, but at this point, I do not see very many opponents considering him as a threat. Game Grade: 4

Ricardo Villar - The Brazilian was definitely causing some problems for Sporting Kansas City before his unfortunate injury. It was good to see that he does pose a threat on set pieces. He was also picking up fouls much like David Ferreira does, which is not always a good thing, but is at least proof that opponents do not like it when he is on the ball. Great shot on his free kick goal, and I hope his injury does not keep him from action. Game Grade: 7

Jair Benitez - Not a bad effort playing his third position in two games. I think he could be a really good left mid given more opportunities. He defended well and served up some decent crosses. However, his team needed more from him than just a handful of semi-dangerous crosses, but I guess that's what happens given FC Dallas' absences. Game Grade: 6

Blas Perez - I probably feel like many of you do, and would have liked to have seen a little more from him. However, with this team missing several supporting offensive pieces, I think Perez did just about as much as he could. He proved again that if he cannot get it done with his feet, then he'll use his brain. It was a big play to put himself in a position to pick up the foul that led to Villar's beautiful goal. The Panamanian worked as hard as anybody, and seemed again to be very unselfish. Game Grade: 7

Bobby Warshaw - I was left scratching my head many times over his defensive play. I usually frown upon subs being subbed out, but his effort deserved such a decision. His Opta Chalkboard claims he did manage to successfully complete 10 passes, but after watching the game three times, that stat was overshadowed by his overall ineffectiveness. Game Grade: 4

Andrew Wiedeman - I was hoping for much more when he came on, but he severely let me down. I guess it is just proof that success against college players in the preseason does not translate to being ready to play in the ever-improving MLS. I would say it was first-game jitters, but his pace, fitness, and positioning were lacking. This might answer the questions about why Schellas Hyndman does not use him more. To me, Leyva seems to be much higher up on the chain in terms of go-to guys off the bench. Game Grade: 3