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FC Dallas News Update 2/8

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Not a whole heck of a lot of articles about FCD with them being gone for the last week, but tons of stuff to discuss from around the league and hey that can be fun too.

The big news swirling around this area of the country is the news of Houston Dynamo backup goalkeeper Tyler Deric was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer on Sunday night. According to the report, Deric and Dynamo draft pick Warren Creavalle were among a group that became incensed when denied entry supposedly because of African American members of their group. It's obviously a sticky situation, but regardless of any validity of the charges, a player with a history of alcohol problems has no business trying to get into a bar after hours during the pre-season. Jose Ortiz has the other side of the story which is certainly worth reading. The Houston Dynamo released the following statement:

"The Houston Dynamo organization is aware of the recent matter involving Tyler Deric. We take these issues extremely seriously. This is an ongoing legal matter, so we will reserve further comment at this time. We will continue to monitor the developments closely."

The Western Conference just got a whole lot tougher as Brazilian midfielder Juninho is returning to LA. I was skeptical of the Galaxy's chances at MLS domination without Juninho, the engine that really made that team go last season, but now I think it's pretty fair to say everyone is playing for second in the Supporter's Shield race. MLS Cup is a whole different animal though...

"We want to keep as many of the players together from last year, and getting Juni back is a big thing for us," Beckham told reporters.

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Speaking of Los Angeles, they got destroyed by Portland yesterday which is always fun...and hey there's some MLS highlights!

FC Dallas has always forbid their players from playing high school soccer and now the other local academies are following suit. Some are unhappy about it and the Dallas Morning News has a nice article on the situation.

Bobby Warshaw checked in from Mexico for a hilarious must read article

Hartman travels with an XBox on every road trip. Him and Seitz "kill noobs" as often as they can. They once made a rookie switch rooms because the TV and couch setup was better for gaming. It's important to have the right size screen and the proper distance from the TV, you know.

Finally, the US Women trained in Frisco for the first time yesterday and Studio 90 has all the video