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FC Dallas Draws BK Hacken 1-1

FRISCO, TX - MARCH 26: Fabian Castillo #15 of of FC Dallas dribbles against the San Jose Earthquakes at Pizza Hut Park on March 26, 2011 in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images)
FRISCO, TX - MARCH 26: Fabian Castillo #15 of of FC Dallas dribbles against the San Jose Earthquakes at Pizza Hut Park on March 26, 2011 in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images)
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FC Dallas opened the Walt Disney Pro Soccer Classic last night with a 1-1 draw to Swedish side BK Hacken. Dallas opened the game up with a Fabian Castillo goal in the extra time of the first half. Hacken equalized late in the second half to give the two sides a draw.

The big story from the game however wasn't the result but the fact that the 2010 MLS MVP David Ferreira went the full 90 minutes.

Dallas came out in their old 4-1-4-1 with Ferreira in the line up. Newcomer Carlos Rodriguez filled in for Brek Shea on the left wing (Shea was busy with the U-23s this weekend here in Dallas).

The lone Dallas goal from Castillo was a pretty nice one. Zach Loyd sprung Castillo free in the box with a solid cross and the Colombian did the rest, beaten Hacken keeper Christoffer Kallqvist on the far post.

Hacken's goal came from a slip up in the back from Andrew Wiedeman. Mattias æstberg was able to head home a cross after the Wiedeman giveaway.

Overall it wasn't a bad start to the Disney tournament for FC Dallas. A few points worth mentioning about the game:

Ferreria - Obviously getting him more playing time is key for manager Schellas Hyndman but getting him to go the distance in this one is absolutely great to see. He looked pretty good at times but there is still some fitness and some chemistry stuff to work out with some of the new guys. But we're getting there folks. I'm starting to feel that we could easily see him in the lineup at First Kick if things continue to progress like this.

Loyd - Really felt Loyd had a solid game. He got the assist on the Castillo goal and nearly bagged on of his own late in the game. The confidence is showing in him and I do believe we could see a very strong year from him.

Center back pairing - So far the Ugo Ihemelu and Hernan Pertuz combo isn't half bad. It is certainly going through some growing pains but overall against competition like Hacken and the U23 national side, we're seeing that they're slowly starting to click with one another back there. We know the slow starts are very common here in Dallas and it could very well be the case but these two seem to be getting on the same page more and more.

Blas Perez - Boy, once he gets on the same page with Shea, Ferreira and Castillo, look out because I do believe this guy could be in for a monster season. His fitness is getting there and at times we saw last night that he can be a big sluggish in some plays but he is the guy that Hyndman has been searching for here. He's good on the ball and holds it very well for Castillo, Rodriguez, Ferreira and whoever else to get up with him and get on the break. I am very curious to see him against some MLS competition later on in this tournament. Seeing how he reacts to a MLS defense will be key here but I think he's going to do very well here in Dallas.

Reserves/Trialists - They'll get more PT today against the U20 side. Something else to lookout for.


Highlights: FC Dallas vs BK Hacken (via FCDCommunications)


FC Dallas (4-1-4-1, left to right): Kevin Hartman - Jair Benitez, Hernan Pertuz, Ugo Ihemelu, Zach Loyd - Daniel Hernandez - Carlos Rodriguez (87' Scott Sealy), Andrew Jacobson, David Ferreira, Fabian Castillo (67' Andrew Wiedeman) - Blas Perez

BK Hacken (4-4-2, left to right): #1 Christoffer Kallqvist - #15 Kari Arkivuo, #4 Mohammed Ali Khan, #3 Mattias Ӧstberg, #6 David Marek Frölund (76' #16 Tibor Joza) - #33 Rene Makondele, #20 Dominic Chatto Bashir (46' #10 Martin Ericcson), #8 Josef Elvby, #17 Björn Anklev (76' #7 Jonas Bjurström) -- #29 Eddie Hernandez (63' #18 Majeed Waris), #9 Dioh Williams (85' #14 Andreas Drugge)


FCD - Fabian Castillo 45'+ (Zach Loyd)
BKH - Mattias Ӧstberg 79' (Arkivuo)


42' Rene Makondele
45' Mattias Ostberg
51' Mohammed Ali Khan
66' David Marek Frölund
87' Jonas Bjurström

Ejections: none