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Announcing Big D Soccer Pub Night

Alright a big announcement(for me) that I want to get out there and a request from you. Plans are in the works for our very first Big D Soccer Pub Night. The plan is for March 12, the day after the home opener, and an awesome venue is pretty much locked up(it's a new pub themed soccer bar in North Dallas). The plan is we will have a Q&A discussion with a couple of local soccer scribes/celebrities about the MLS weekend that was, where FCD is headed...etc... and then watch Portland vs Philly at 830 on ESPN. There will be awesome door prizes, drink specials, the whole shebang.

All I need from you is to let me know if you will plan on being there so I can let the bar know what kind of crowd we're looking at. A simple yes, no or maybe is great. Again, Monday night, March 12, North Dallas, whether you're a lurker or not, all the hundreds of regular readers need to give me feedback and let me know on this one!

We get hundreds of readers every day and I know a lot of you are local so what better way to support the site than to come out to the pub night and watch some soccer! If we get a good crowd, this can become a semi-regular thing with awesome guests and prizes.

Edit: Actually don't vote no if you can't come. Just vote yes or maybe if you can. The no votes depress me. Thanks!