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National Signing Day: Five FC Dallas Players Sign

The goal of every kid that plays for the FC Dallas Academy should be to make the professional squad, but for the vast majority of players the next step is getting a college scholarship and five guys from the 2012 class signed D1 contracts yesterday.

Michael Ambrose - University of Maryland

Ambrose is a left sided defender/midfielder, USA youth international and the captain of the U18 squad. He was a guy that's played for the FC Dallas reserve team in unofficial matches before and is a guy that under the tutelage of Sacho Cirovski could absolutely turn into a professional prospect. Ambrose will join senior FC Dallas Academy alum London Woodberry at the Terps.

Mark Ashby - Harvard University

Mark Ashby is a big central defender who has been with FCD at the U16 and U18 level. I'm not going to lie, I thought Ashby graduated next year. I haven't seen him play in the last year so I haven't been able to follow his development as much, but any time you can put a kid at Harvard it's a coup for the organization and for Ashby.

Keep reading for the other three graduates

Daniel Garcia - University of North Carolina

Garcia should be a familiar name to anyone who follows the Academy at all. He was good last year, but Garcia is enjoying a breakout 2011-2012 season with an astounding 16 goals in 14 games. He's scored as high as the MLS Reserve League level and could realistically be signed to a homegrown contract at any time, but could use some seasoning at the college level. Garcia has the offensive talents to make a difference as high as the professional level, but needs to learn the defensive side of things to project as a starter in MLS. He joins FCD Academy alum OC Okwuono at UNC.

Aaron Guillen- Florida Gulf Coast University

Guillen is probably the highest impact player that has come to Dallas in their partnership with an El Paso club. I've never actually seen Guillen play, but I've heard good things about him from people who have. He could perhaps be a guy that transfers to a bigger school after a year or two.

Nicholas Rochowski - University of New Mexico

Nicholas Rochowski has been with FC Dallas for a few years now and I've seen him play at right back and occasionally center back. He's a big, strong kid who defends very competently and will head to a very up and coming program at UNM. Interestingly enough, he told me they plan to start him out at defensive mid and it will be very interesting to track his progress with the Lobos.

Congratulations to all five on progressing to the university level!