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FC Dallas vs SMU post game reaction

Schellas Hyndman

General thoughts on the game

I thought the first half was one of our better performances as far as quick play and combination play and people just kind of understanding the structure and coming along with it. So I was glad to see the progress.

You had Fabian playing more up top than at right midfield do you feel like that's a more natural role for him?

I think Fabian's a player that likes a little bit more freedom. It seems like we always have a little bit of difficulty when we restrict him because he is so fast you just can't leave him alone. I think this will be an important year for him to continue to develop. Whether we go with two of those guys up front together or whether we go into a 4-1-4-1 will be determined by when the season starts with injuries, where is David, we didn't have Villar today which is a player that really settles things down for us and I thought today we did really well without those two.

The defense wasn't really challenged too much tonight but how did you feel about their performance?

I thought they were fine. I think where our defense ran into problems was when we lost our footing(on the slick pitch), we slipped and fell down and all of a sudden we were caught. I thought Jair was out of position a couple times and they were quickly able to counterattack there, but this is what this is all about. How do I now identify these things to help them in training.

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How did you think Daniel Hernandez looked in his first game?

It was good. It was good to see Daniel back there because what he does is he's a player that find the ball. People trust him, they'll give him the ball, he finds the holes and of course he has a strong leg to change the point of attack and get the ball forward. This is a very fast field and because it is so fast, they're used to it, but for us it was a really quick adjustment for us and I thought Daniel did well?

We saw some flashes of really good things out of Blas Perez tonight

I thought he was a little bit unlucky, he missed one goal to the left and then came back with a header he missed again and ends up probably scoring the more difficult goal but yeah I think he's that striker that we hoped he would be and with time and him getting sharper I think he'll really be that player. I thought the player that really lit it up tonight was Brek. I think we've all kind of been concerned about his heavy legs and his mental state, but tonight he was all ready to play.

How close are you to getting your ideal roster of players?

I think we're three maybe four players away from settling on our roster so we've got a quite a few trialists, we've got more trialists coming in so we'll continue to look at players and see if we can find that right group of guys together.

Was it weird being back here and coaching as a visitor?

Yeah, you know I went over to the opposite side of the field looking for the benches, I don't know when they moved them over here, yeah it was weird but I'm glad to get this over with and get a result.

How did you think Ugo looked?

I thought Ugo was fine, I think he tripped up on the ball once because of the slipperyness but I thought he did well, I think Pertuz is really coming around. He's as good as we thought he would be, I watched him play three times and he impresses me more now watching him play

Do you think Bryan Leyva is coming along in his fitness?

Yeah, I think Brian did very well. The thing with Bryan is he's got to develop his body a little bit better. He's got a very low center of gravity and he's quick but he's unable to carry that pace for a long amount of time and so when he's unable to carry that pace he just kind of disappears and we need him to carry the ball more.

With Bryan, it seems you've moved him centrally this year more than playing him out on the left is that by design?

No not really, I think that's where we wanted him to be involved with today but against Memphis he looked really good on the left. It just depends on the competition and how we can isolate him. I think he's got to let the ball do a little bit more of the work. Because he is such a good technical player, he dribbles the ball well he passes the ball well, he's more of a player that wants the ball. Unfortunately, he's got to include his teammates and if he's going to hang onto the ball. If he loses it, he's got to be able to get it back. If you remember in the River Plate game, he lost the ball that led to the goal. What we're wanting is for him to continue to develop and I think he will.

You gave Wiedeman a start tonight with the starters, a reward for hard work?

Absolutely, he got the first goal getting forward, getting crosses off. All the players, especially when they've been here for a little bit, they get to the point where they want to at least we're giving him a chance and he did well tonight.

Schellas noted that they've started roster cuts prior to the Orlando trip and will do more tomorrow.

Andrew Wiedeman

Talk about the preseason so far, you're kind of scoring goals for fun

Yeah, it's been going alright, I came in feeling pretty fit and worked on a lot of things I needed to work on in the offseason and if you play well and get more confident it just kind of keeps going.

You got a start tonight, Schellas rewarding you for a good few weeks?

Yeah, I think it was him rewarding me for putting in some work and having a couple good performances. It was nice to get a run out with the guys.

How big of a role does confidence play with things?

Oh it's huge. It's definitely been a work in progress for me for sure and obviously there's still a long long way to go, were only four games into preseason. It's tough to keep the form going but that's just what I'm trying to do right now. Stay confident and keep working hard and hopefully the rest will take care of itself