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FC Dallas River Plate Post-Game Reaction

Schellas Hyndman

Good opponent you faced today

Talented group, obviously they're all players that are looking to be professionals and that's a lot of talent there. They're all looking to get exposure so I thought they were looking good. We're very happy with that game. It was a better game than I anticipated it to be

What did you think of Pertuz and Hedges together?

It's fine, you can tell they're both kind of new to the league. Even though Pertuz is younger than Hedges, he's much more experienced in this type of environment but they both need time and more playing time together.

I thought Alex Lee did well, Carlos Rodriguez did well and I thought that the other guys were just really working hard to try to get the goal back. So it was a really good team performance on staying focused and not losing our composure because the game changed a lot when we scored. It really got chippy and was getting emotional on their part. I was glad to see we kept our composure.

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What did you think of Jeison(Quinonez)?

He's trying to do things but I think it's a very difficult cold day for guys coming from South America. I think we'll see more as the week goes on.

How do you feel at this stage of the preseason, need more games?

We need more games, we need more people healthy. We need players like Daniel Hernandez on the field and get David back at some point in time to go in that direction.

We keep asking this with David, do you see him working his way onto the field for games in the next few weeks?

We hope so. I think it's going to come to a point in time where he feels comfortable and says I'm ready. He's a real competitor so I'm sure he'll be out there the first chance he can.

Has he told you that he still feels some pain?

I don't think he's completely comfortable yet with it.

Where are you at in looking at Right mid are you looking for other options inside the league, outside the league?

Both inside the league, outside the league, right mid and striker I think those are the two positions we probably need to get some depth in.

Bruno Guarda

It seemed like your group in the second half really turned the game around, comments on the second half?

It was a little cold but we had to be ready to play the whole second half. Since we were losing 1-0 first half we had to come stronger and make sure that we had a couple goals. Unfortunately we couldn't get a second one but it was enough to not lose the game.

You were mixing it up a bit with the River guys out there was that the old Argentina Brazil thing?

No no, soccer that is what the game is about. It's a tough game you play, it is what it is and sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do. Play the game hard and try to represent FC Dallas.

Matt Hedges

90 minutes in today how did you feel about the game?

It went alright, the first half going against the wind is tough, it was a pretty strong wind but you've just got to gauge your passing. Overall the first half wasn't so great but the second half got a lot better.

How do you deal with that wind?

You just have to try to compensate for it. There was one ball I thought I was going to win and it ended up going 10 yards over my head back to Kevin so it just was kind of all over the place.

How is your progression going in your first preseason?

It's a steady process, I feel like I'm getting more acclimatized to the level just every day going a bit higher and higher.