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Where FC Dallas Should Go In The SuperDraft

The offseason is in full swing as the College Cup approaches this weekend. With a couple good picks, FC Dallas has a chance to snag some key positional players in next month's draft.

Jamie Squire

We're almost a month away from the 2013 MLS SuperDraft. Hard to believe it but we are. We are also just a couple days away from the College Cup down in Hoover, AL.

Our own Daniel Robertson will be on hand covering that event for He'll be getting to see first hand some of the top talent in the college game, including FC Dallas academy's London Woodberry at Maryland.

With each passing day the draft draws near and FC Dallas continues to have the same two picks in the draft. Number seven in the first round and the first pick in round number two at the 20 spot. Two very good spots for FC Dallas to be drafting out of as they should be able to get two contributing players for 2013.

But just what kind of positional players should FC Dallas be going after here? This is the debate each club has each winter before the draft, especially ones drafting in or around where Dallas is in the first round. Draft for need or value. Both are a tad subjective here as value is always tough to predict with college/young players.

The last three drafts under Schellas Hyndman have been good though. He's gone more defensive over the years in the draft, snagging four year seniors rather than the lovely Generation adidas players that are available. Three years ago the club drafted Zach Loyd, a player that we've all grown to love. The following year was another four-year player in Bobby Warshaw. And last year as we know it was defender Matt Hedges.

All three have turned out to be pretty high in value (yes I'm including Warshaw in that because I see big things for him in 2013). All three have contributed good time on the field, making Hyndman look like a smart drafter.

Dallas should be getting one four-year player in the college pool this year in Woodberry - a player that would normally be a first round selection had he not been tied to FCD's academy system.

So where does that leave FC Dallas with the #7 and #20 picks? Do they take a gamble and select a Generation adidas player or stick to what has worked over the last couple of years and stay with proven players?

To me it all comes down to the wants and needs of the club. Midfield help on the wings, defensive midfield, striker. Those have to be the top three things FC Dallas should be going for next month.

We've seen Hyndman state in the past that he wants proven players and not a player he has to take a gamble on. As much help as the club needs at striker, I am not sure he'll go that direction in the draft. There are some good players at that position in the draft however, so maybe a trip to the Combine could change his mind if the right player comes along.

We'll dive into some actual targets coming days on here. I have a few in mind, and I am sure Daniel does as well.

In the meantime, what are you wanting FC Dallas to do with this draft? Pick like they have in recent years? Make a big trade and move up in the order?