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Josh Saunders on the Market?

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Two-time MLS cup champion keeper is out of contract.


Ever since the news that FC Dallas would not renew veteran keeper Kevin Hartman's contract this offseason, the main question everyone has been asking is will Dallas go for a backup to push Chris Seitz? Or will they go for a guy that could start over him?

Whatever the question may be you do have to wonder out loud where things are going in the new year.

Well, today's announcement that the LA Galaxy have signed veteran keeper Carlo Cudicini, I got to thinking, why wouldn't FC Dallas give a look at former Galaxy keeper Josh Saunders. Former may be the wrong label to place in front of his name as the Galaxy will likely retain his player rights for the time being even though he is out of contract.

Saunders is a guy that has done well in LA despite his issues off the field. For those who don't know, Saunders spent part of the 2012 season in the MLS substance abuse program and missed a number of games due to it.

He's been good but one could argue his shortcomings are pretty evident when he doesn't have a strong defense in front of him. LA was horrendous early in 2012, largely due to Omar Gonzalez's injury. Saunders gave up 10 goals in the first six games of the season, including two games where he gave up three goals to Real Salt Lake and the New England Revolution (not many clubs can say that).

But with all of that, when he was behind a good defense that included the likes of Gonzalez, AJ DeLaGarza, Sean Franklin and Todd Dunivant, the 31-year old did well. And given his $77k price tag, Dallas wouldn't have to give up a ton to land him. My bet getting his rights wouldn't cost too much in terms of allocation or draft picks. Given how LA has been quick to move away from him, they'd probably be good with a conditional draft pick.

Dallas needs a keeper that can push Seitz while Richard Sanchez is out with the Mexican youth national team this year.

So I ask you think - do you think Saunders is worth a gamble as a backup or even a starter? Let's hear it.