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Weekly FCD Stock Exchange

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John's new contract and striker signings headline the Hoops stock market report

George John is back and that bodes well for his stock.
George John is back and that bodes well for his stock.
Ronald Martinez

Note: Please welcome Mohammad Bushnaq to the Big D Soccer writing team! Mohammad is a student at UT-Dallas who covers Comet soccer for the Mercury newspaper and will be a first-year FCD season ticket holder in 2013. He writes a new bi-weekly feature on BDS, the FCD Stock Exchange, looking at the rising and falling stock of FC Dallas players as we go through the 2013 season.

On a scale of 1-10, let's say 5 is average stock, selling for what it cost. Anything higher is trending up and anything lower is trending downwards.


Bradlee Baladez (7)

FCD signed the former Gamecock striker to a Homegrown player contract recently. Baladez chose to forego his senior season at South Carolina in order to play for the Hoops. The youngster earned a professional contract and will look to earn playing time in some reserve games. Baladez, a Mesquite native, will have the dreamlike opportunity of playing for his hometown club, something that the MLS academy and Homegrown system has made more possible now than ever before.

George John (8.5)

The FCD fan favorite signed a new deal keeping him in the red and white striped jersey for a couple more years. Having tried his luck overseas to no avail, John now seems to be content with FC Dallas. If George is focused and healthy this season, he has the chance to be a top tier MLS center back. John also benefits from the stellar play of Matt Hedges. With a productive and healthy Hedges next to him, John's 2013 MLS season could turn into a career year. John has a chance to establish himself as a leader on this team. Who knows? He might even earn himself a USMNT call up. Besides, who else would do those funny FCD TV behind the scenes videos if he was gone?

Chris Seitz (9)

With the news that FC Dallas declined to offer star goalkeeper Kevin Hartman a contract, nobody was more excited about the news than Seitz. It is looking more likely that Seitz will be the starting keeper by the time early March comes around and FC Dallas is putting its trust in him. First, Seitz had the brilliant ESPN article that brought the team national headlines and now he is the starting keeper. I believe he has had a very good past couple of months and is certainly trending upward.


Scott Sealy (2)

FC Dallas signed two strikers in the past two weeks, Brazilian Wesley "Pipico" Silva and HG Bradlee Baladez. Add those two to the original strikers, Blas Perez and Jon Top and the path to make the team is looking much harder for Sealy. A strong preseason and he could make the team, but it is not looking good for the Trinidadian international. If FCD ends up drafting a striker with either the 7th or 20th pick, it could be the nail in the coffin for Sealy's departure from the team and for that Sealy's stock falls harshly.

Brek Shea (4.5)

Everything I hear from Daniel seem to indicate Brek is on track for a full recovery, so why am I including him in the stock down section? The answer is simple. Brek will probably miss the opening game of the season and some key USMNT fixtures. Once he is fully healthy, I believe FC Dallas fans will be happy to see the old Brek back, but while he continues to miss games in rehab, I see his stock down a little bit from average.

Blas Perez (4.5)

While only taking a slight hit, Blas Perez's stock also takes a minor hit. Super Raton is suspended for the first couple of games of the 2013 season and could be gone for more than that for World Cup Qualifying since FCD plays on an international window weekend. Perez is an important member of this team over the course of the season no doubt, but him missing a chunk of the beginning of the season bring his value down for the next couple of months.