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10 Moments That Shaped 2012: #2 The Winner

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De Guzman Strike Pulls FCD Within 2 Points of Whitecaps

Cooper Neill

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The season was one kick from being over. Just one corner kick stood between the Vancouver Whitecaps and a five point lead for the final playoff spot with four games to play. Then it happened, the shot heard 'round Frisco.

Julian de Guzman, with just two goals to his name in his previous three years in the league, chested down a cleared corner, lashing the volley past Whitecaps 'keeper Brad Knighton for the best goal FC Dallas Stadium has ever seen.

The last-second game-winner pulled FC Dallas within 2 points of a playoff spot and if the club could have beaten Chivas USA this year, they'd have gone to the Western Conference Playoffs.

After the game, De Guzman gave one of the quotes of the year after I asked him if this goal was some measure of personal pride after what happened getting traded from Toronto.

"I’ll never forget the words of [current TFC manager] Paul Mariner saying that he wants to make sure he’ll send me to a last-place team and let me burn in the heat," a candid de Guzman said. "It worked out for myself, getting the last laugh, the karma of things. Right now who’s the last place team in the league and who’s battling for the playoffs?"

Our own Steve Fenn wrote about the goal, painting a fantastic picture of the full context surrounding that amazing strike.

What a goal. What a crowd.

The Winner.