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10 Moments That Shaped 2012: #5 A Week of Mediocrity

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Three Home Games in a Week Return Just Three Disappointing Points

Brandon Wade

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When healthy, FC Dallas is somewhere near the upper tier in MLS, of that I am convinced. However, if you want to be upper tier, you'd better beat the bad teams, especially at home. And if you want to pull yourself back into the playoff race, it's simply essential.

Needless points were dropped all over the place throughout the second half of the season, but when I look back at where FCD really let it go, I can't get past three home games in early July.

Winless in their last ten MLS games, the thinking was with Toronto and Chivas USA coming to town, the two worst teams over the 2012 MLS season, the long winless streak would surely end.


It's not that FCD played terribly against Chivas USA, they outshot them 13-2, but almost none of the chances truly tested Dan Kennedy. In no other game did FCD, with 25 open play crosses, miss Blas Perez as badly, slumping to a 0-0 draw against the second worst defense in the league.

In the July 4 matchup against Toronto FC, the worst team in the league, the vibes couldn't have been better with David Ferreira making his return to the bench in front of a sold out holiday crowd. FCD even took an early lead in the 5th minute through a Zach Loyd header, making this one look like it was headed for a laughable scoreline. That wouldn't be the case, however, as Dallas managed just two more shots on goal in the match and gave up a silly equalizer to Danny Koevermans in another draw that felt like a loss.

The 0-0 draw to San Jose that rounded out the week wasn't so disappointing, but again, anytime you're at home and hold the opponent scoreless, you need to win the game.

Three home games in a row, one goal allowed and just three points taken away. Not good enough.