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10 Moments That Shaped 2012: #6 Julian de Guzman Trade

Mid-season Trade Sparks Late Playoff Push


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As FC Dallas headed into mid-July, the squad was in desperate need of a shakeup. Winless in two months and drifting farther from the playoff spots, Fernando Clavijo pulled off a genius move that nearly paid huge dividends.

Toronto FC, desperate to open up a Designated Player spot, sent want-away Canadian international midfielder Julian de Guzman to FC Dallas in exchange for Andrew Wiedeman. As if that move wasn't good enough on its own, TFC paid all of de Guzman's salary after the move, making the deal a no-brainer for FC Dallas.

While the move almost exactly coincided with the return of David Ferreira to the lineup, it's undeniable to see the affect that de Guzman had on FC Dallas. Taking the defensive midfield spot that Daniel Hernandez had held down for the last two and a half seasons, JdG started 10 of the 14 games he was available for FC Dallas. FCD was 3-2-5 in the games de Guzman started.

Of course, the moment everyone will remember from the Canadian's time in Dallas will be the last-minute game-winner against Vancouver, but de Guzman provided so much more than that showing great range, expert passing and an uncanny ability to work himself out of tight areas with the ball.

While de Guzman was almost assuredly a rent-a-player expected to make a return to Europe at the end of the season, recent rumors have been that he may not be headed overseas after all and could return to FC Dallas. There hasn't been any movement on those rumors lately, but I can tell you that there is literally zero chatter on de Guzman coming from overseas and with the European transfer window opening in just a few days, we should know more soon.