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10 Moments That Shaped 2012: #8 US Open Cup Defeat

FCD Hits Low Point of 2012 in Loss to Charlotte Eagle

- 10 Moments: Prelude - #10 - #9

I have to say this one is an interesting thing to write about as it was one of two games this season that I didn't watch. In my mind, this game doesn't really exist as I was on a beach during the time in a much better place than you likely were that evening. So, if anyone wants to help paint the picture from this game in the comments below, it would be appreciated.

2012 saw FC Dallas go on a franchise-record 12-game MLS winless streak, the biggest reason why their late-season playoff push fell just short. However, the lowest point of that winless streak was the 13th game that won't show up in the record books.

Carrying a nine-game winless streak into the game, the US Open Cup Third Round match against USLPRO's Charlotte Eagles was seen as a perfect opportunity to get the season back on track. However, the exact opposite would be the case as Dallas crashed to a 2-0 loss at FC Dallas Stadium to the side that finished 7th in the 11-team USLPRO this season.

Late goals in each half earned Charlotte the win in a game that saw both Zach Loyd and George John hobbled off by injury as well as a petulant red card form Jackson late in the match, though if there is one silver lining from the game it is that red card which proved to be the turning point in Jackson's season. Schellas Hyndman revealed later in the season that Jackson apologized to every player on the team after the red card and was a changed player after that game.

Typically a strong US Open Cup team with three appearances in the USOC Final and seven semifinal appearances, the loss to Charlotte was the worst FCD outing in the US Open Cup since 2003(not counting 2009/2010 in which Dallas didn't qualify). It was also the first time since 2003 that the franchise has lost to a lower league side in competitive competition(4-1 loss to Wilmington Hammerheads).

Despite the eye-opening loss, it would still be more than six weeks before Dallas finally broke their winless streak.