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Gale Agbossoumonde A Possible Fit For FC Dallas?

FC Dallas will be in a weighted lottery today to determine the young defenders MLS fate.

Henrik Isaksson

The name Gale Agbossoumonde sparks a lot of different opinions around the US. Some have seen him as one of the next big defenders from the US while others have seen his career go from prodigy to bust in a matter of a few years.

Whatever you make of the guy, he is coming to a MLS club near you soon. Soccer by Ives is reporting that Agbossoumonde has signed with the league and will be placed in a weighted lottery today to determine where he will go.

The move to sign with MLS comes less than a year after Agbossoumonde turned down a contract offer from MLS before joining the Railhawks on loan.

FC Dallas is said to be one of the six clubs involved in the lottery. No word yet on what the odds are for Dallas but they should be fairly good considering LA and Seattle are also said to be involved. Toronto FC will be in the lottery as well and will have the highest chances of winning.

Even if Dallas doesn't win the lottery today don't sleep on the club not looking to trade for him should he land with a club that doesn't really need him. Thanks for Technical Director Fernando Clavijo's history with Agbossoumonde during his time with Traffic Sports. Clavijo knows Agbossoumonde very well and would likely be interested in brining him here to give him that "stable MLS home" that he has always been searching for him.

Then again, we don't really know if Agbossoumode and Clavijo have any history that is positive. It's really a toss-up.

With the news that Dallas is losing Hernan Pertuz, gaining a prospect like Agbossoumonde would be a nice win for the club.

What do you think? Should FCD take a chance on this kid should they not win the lottery?

Update: Toronto won the lottery. Based on some discussions I've had with sources in the Great White North, they don't look eager to be trading him at this time. Stinks too because he would have been fairly cheap, hearing that he will be getting paid right around or even slightly less than what Pertuz was at last year.